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For ACEsConnection members only -- a "sneak preview" of 'Resilience'!

Jane Stevens ·
Resilience , a documentary that looks at the birth of the CDC-Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study and how it spawned a movement across the world, will be coming to your personal screen in April, says Lynn Waymer, KPJR Film’s community engagement strategist. The production team is working out the details to make the documentary, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival to sold-out houses, available to members on Sunday, April 10, at 6 pm PT/ 9 pm...
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How "Sesame Street" is helping kids learn to cope with trauma []

Laura Pinhey ·
Big Bird and his " Sesame Street " buddies are taking on a new mission: helping kids learn to cope with stress and trauma. Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit offshoot of the long-running children's program "Sesame Street," launched the powerful new initiative, which was designed with the help of psychologists, the same week that the nation was rocked by the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. The initiative includes materials for parents, caregivers and social workers, as well as...
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MARC Brown Bag Webinar Series: September Sessions & Archives

Clare Reidy ·
Join Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities (MARC) for a series of free, short (45-minute) webinars with national leaders who will share some of their expertise and engage in dialogue with you on key strategies for creating just, healthy and resilient communities. Seats are limited, but recordings will be available after each session. Register at for the following sessions: Thursday, September 7 @ 1pm ET Melissa Merrick, PhD —Preventing Child Abuse and...
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New Sesame Street Tools Help Build Resiliency []

Alicia Doktor ·
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Sesame Workshop share a common vision of giving all children—especially the most vulnerable among us—a strong and healthy start in life. We know that childhood experiences lay the foundation for children to grow into productive and successful adults, and promoting healthy behaviors and supporting families from the very beginning can help kids thrive. But it’s equally important to address challenges that can undermine their healthy development. That’s...
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Some 350 Florida Leaders Expected to Attend Think Tank with Dr. Vincent Felitti, Co-Principal Investigator of the ACE Study; Expert on ACEs Science

Carey Sipp ·
Leaders from across the Sunshine State will take part in a “Think Tank” in Naples, FL, on Monday, August 6, to help create a more trauma-informed Florida. The estimated 350 attendees will include policy makers and community teams made up of school superintendents, law enforcement officers, judges, hospital administrators, mayors, PTA presidents, child welfare experts, mental health and substance abuse treatment providers, philanthropists, university researchers, state agency heads, and...
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The Community Cure for Health Care

Mia Foreman ·
The Community Cure for Health Care | Stanford Social Innovation Review T welve-year old Anna has asthma. She lives in a low-income neighborhood and gets her care at a clinic affiliated with a major teaching hospital. Despite high-quality medical care, Anna’s asthma is not well controlled. Last year she missed almost two weeks of school, had two urgent care visits, and a brief but scary (and expensive) hospital stay. Her pediatrician believes that the old, rent-subsidized apartment where...
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The Economics of Child Abuse: A Study of California

Jenny Pearlman ·
While the impact of maltreatment on a child and their family is devastating, child maltreatment also has serious effects far beyond those for the victim. Maltreatment results in ongoing costs to taxpayers, institutions, businesses, and society at large. Local communities bear the brunt of these costs in the form of medical, educational, and judicial costs, though more tragic signs are seen in homelessness, addiction, and teen pregnancy. To create a concrete understanding of the widespread...
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Trauma Informed Care -- Workforce training framework

Russell Wilson ·
A colleague of mine -- here in New Zealand!! -- recently passed the attached PDF, from Scotland, onto me. It concerns a relatively recent, and still developing, proposed trauma training framework. This might be helpful to others wishing to go further in introducing TIC in their own services. It includes a consideration of ACEs. Naturally, it needs to incorporate culture-specific additions or modifications to suit your local conditions. The document as it is likely has broad application.
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Beyond Trauma: Building Resilience to ACEs (brochure)

Christine Cissy White ·
Wish you had a fairly easy and short way to share all about ACEs? Wish it was in-depth enough to share with teachers, doctors, nurses and therapists but not so long or jargony it puts family and friends to sleep? Here's the perfect thing to share when you've been all up in the faces with ACEs and want to back up your words before, during or after. This brochure is comprehensive but not so long that it remains in the "I'll get to it later," pile. Please feel free to print, forward, download...
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California issues update on state residents' ACE scores from 2011 & 2013 surveys

Jane Stevens ·
The latest adverse childhood experiences survey from the California Department of Public Health shows that 42% of the population has an ACE score of 3 or higher; 16% have an ACE score of 4 or higher. Those with an ACE score of 4 or higher are: 3x more likely to be current smokers 4x more likely to have a depressive disorder 2x more likely to have asthma 2x more likely to be obese 4x more likely to have COPD 3x more likely to have a stroke Here are a few other highlights from the six-page...
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Welcome to First 5 Association Statewide Trauma Informed Care Collaborative!

Welcome to the First 5 Association Statewide Trauma Informed Care Collaborative! Please take a little time to review the attached one page (2 sided) ACEs Connection Overview that gives an overview of the many resources available to you as part of ACEs Connection Network. Also scroll through the blog posts to learn about how to best use this site to share stories, resources and connect with each other to move the ACEs awareness and trauma-informed movement forward. Should you have any...
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What Helps Kids Thrive in Face of Adversity? []

Samantha Sangenito ·
New research shows that certain family, social, and community supports may boost a child’s chances of thriving in the face of adversity. According to researchers, people who experience four or more adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), such as economic hardship, exposure to violence, or the death of a loved one, are more likely to have lasting physical and mental health problems. But a new research abstract presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies 2016 Meeting identifies several...

Re: Governor Newsom announces Nadine Burke Harris to be CA's first-ever surgeon general

Jody L. Johnson, M.Ed. ·
Congratulations Dr. Burke Harris on your appointment as California's first Surgeon General! Your passion and drive as a leader in the ACEs community is inspiring and infectious. As our state's Surgeon General, I firmly believe that you will continue to make an incredible difference in policy, practice, and more importantly, in many, many lives, including mine. Your TEDTalk inspired me to return to college and enroll in a second graduate program--this time in trauma and resilience in...

Megan Johnson

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Check Out New July Dates Added to the 2023 CRC Summer Curriculum and the Official Launch of the Dedicated CRC Community Page

July is a time to celebrate all summer has to offer by building bridges and innovating with community to get to the heart of trauma-informed awareness and resilience building. This month, we’ve added new July dates to the summer 2023 *CRC* curriculum—but that’s only half of the good news. Last year, the CRC began as a pilot program. Now that it's evolved, what better time to bring accelerator participants together in a PACEs Connection CRC community than the summer? We are proud to announce...
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