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Raising Resilience Summit

Raising Resilience Summit News

Summit at St. John Fisher focuses on preventing teen suicides Pittsford, N.Y. (WHAM) - A new survey of Rochester-area teens suggests suicide is a major risk for about one in seven teenagers. According to the survey, 14 percent of teens considered taking their own lives in the last year. There is no question mental health issues among young people are on the rise for a number of reasons. Continue reading the full article here .

Raising Resilience Summit

On January 9, the Raising Resilience Summit brought together leaders from multiple professional disciplines to advance a comprehensive approach to promoting the social and emotional health of children and their families, and to plan and build cross-sector prevention actions. Working together we can raise resilience in our children and families to grow a healthier community. To all who attended the Raising Resilience Summit, thank you for your active participation and contributions. It was an...

Program Overview

To set the stage for the day, Dr. Martin Lustick (Senior Vice President, Corporate Medical Director, Excellus BCBS, and Co-Chair, Greater Rochester Initiative for Children’s Social and Emotional Health Implementation Task Force) and Dr. Shaun Nelms (Superintendent East High EPO, Professor at University of Rochester, and Co-Chair, Greater Rochester Initiative for Children’s Social and Emotional Health Implementation Task Force) shared background on the Implementation Task Force, and shared...

Panel Discussion: The Need for Promotion and Prevention Efforts

A panel discussion of local representatives from different professional disciplines discussed the data that highlights the need for prevention and promotion efforts. Each panelist provided a single background slide to serve as context for the overall discussion that took place at the Summit. Amy Scheel-Jones: Chief of Planning at Monroe County OMH Dr. Leonard Brock: Executive Director of the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative Jackie Campbell: Director of ROC the Future Dr. Michael...

Keynote Presentation – From Knowing the Need, to Setting the Vision

Sean Slade (Senior Director of Global Outreach at ASCD), talked about the factors that can influence a child’s ability to learn, thrive and succeed at home, in school and in the community. The presentation also included an overview of the ASCD’s Whole Child Tenets and how different sectors must work together to have a positive impact on whole child health.

Working Sessions

Merita Irby (Managing Partner, Big Picture Approach Consulting And Co-Founder & Executive Vice President, The Forum For Youth Investment) led the interactive working sessions. Cross-sector table activities focused on identifying what “ready and resilient” look like; the skillsets and mindsets that will help children be “ready”; and how different organizations and sectors can effectively partner. The slides and workbooks that guided the activities are available here.

Taking Action: Building Resilience

Organizations have the unique opportunity to build and restore the core capabilities that promote resiliency, reduce stress, and support social and emotional health for adults and the children in their lives. Through a trauma-informed approach, organizations can make changes in organizational beliefs, policies, programs, practices, services and points of contact that value, advocate, and invest in healthy relationships; safe and secure environments and psychological safety; healthy habits;...

Crisis in Care Report

The Greater Rochester Health Foundation convened the Commission on Children’s Behavioral Health in the Finger Lakes in spring 2015, in response to concerns from parents, child care providers, schools, pediatricians and children’s mental health clinicians. They consistently raised alarms about the shortfalls of our region’s children’s behavioral health system: the demands placed on it, its capacity, and in some cases, its quality.

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