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Adult Health Problems Linked to Childhood Trauma

It is possible to reduce risk for ACEs while also mitigating consequences for those already affected by these experiences by creating the conditions for healthy communities and focusing on primary prevention.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just released new information showing negative outcomes linked to ACEs, how we can help those who have experienced ACEs AND how we can prevent ACEs from happening in the first place! 

Keep the Conversation Going:
Connections Matter Georgia focuses on educating everyone on the effects and prevention efforts of ACEs in Georgia.

This is a new in-person training designed to engage community members in building caring connections to:
â€Ē Improve resiliency,
â€Ē Prevent childhood trauma, and
â€Ē Understand how our interactions with others can support those who have experienced trauma.

The Connections Matter Georgia initiative is a new collaboration between the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy and Prevent Child Abuse Georgia using the curriculum developed by PCA Iowa and Strengthening Families Georgia's Protective Factors. 

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