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Traumatic Incident Reduction Facilitator Training

859 East Vista Way Vista, California 92084-5237 760

Traumatic Incident Reduction Facilitator Training

I am very happy to be leading a Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) Workshop October 8-11, Vista, CA

TIR provides valuable tools for all clinicians and faith leaders, as we are all confronted with clients who suffer from unresolved trauma. TIR is rapidly becoming the treatment method of choice for those therapists who work with traumatized clients. It will deepen your healing ministry and provide valuable information for congregations to become environments that promote healing (trauma informed care).


In this three and a half day workshop participants will learn:


  • The Psychobiology of Trauma
  • The Treatment Implications Of TIR Research
  • Effective Coping Tools For Traumatized Clients
  • The Micro-skills for creating Safety
  • TIR Theory and Practice Points
  • TIR Instructions and Practicum
  • They will also give and take actual TIR sessions

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