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THURSDAY!! Cracked Up, The Evolving Conversation: Generational Trauma - Breaking the Cycle []


2020-06-18 (2)


Episode 4: Generational Trauma - Breaking the Cycle 
Darrell Hammond, Comedian, actor, SNL Legend
Michelle Esrick, Filmmaker, activist
Bessel van der Kolk, MD,  Author of The Body Keeps the Score

Jane Stevens,  Founder of ACES Connection

and special guest 
Jane Fonda 
Academy Award-winning actor, producer, author and activist

Thursday June 25th
at 1pm PDT / 2p MT / 3p CT / 4pm EDT
Hosted by ACEs Connection


We have received some responses to our event that we’d like to address. Some people have asked why we are asking people to pay for this event, while previous events were free. This is why:

We are overwhelmed and so moved by the positive responses to our “Evolving Conversation.” We never imagined how much interest we would have. But there are many costs associated with producing this series, and this has made it impossible for us to offer this for free any longer. We are also still paying off production costs of the film itself, a common situation for documentary filmmakers, and, absent the current ability to screen Cracked Up in communities, we felt a nominal charge for those who could afford it is reasonable. We apologize if this was not made clear from the start. We love doing these events and are honored to have shared our first three episodes for free in May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month. 

Jane Fonda is participating in the next conversation because she believes in the film and its ability to help people heal from trauma. She is not being compensated in any way. None of our guests are or have been paid to participate. We realize that many people are not in a position to pay the event price, so there are scholarships available. No one will ever miss any of our conversations because of an inability to buy a ticket. Here are all of our payment options:
Event ticket:                             $12.50
Healing Donation:                     25.00 (ticket included)
Resilience Donation:                 50.00 (ticket included)
Courageous Donation:           100.00 (ticket included)
Peaceful Warrior Donation:   250.00 (ticket included)
Scholarship:                                  1.00 (ticket included)
We appreciate your understanding.

There were also some questions about why we invited Jane Fonda as a guest. We believe in the power of personal stories helping others. That is the power of Cracked Up. Darrell is not an “expert” but his story is helping millions of people. Bessel van der Kolk says, “I am only an expert because of what I learn from trauma survivors, they are the real experts.” 
We are thrilled to have the greatest trauma experts in the world in addition to guests who are trauma survivors, just like Darrell Hammond, the film’s director Michelle Esrick and ACEs Connection Founder Jane Stevens. Jane Fonda is a trauma survivor and is deeply informed and passionate about childhood trauma and its effects, and is committed to breaking the cycle! We respect her courage, honesty and vulnerability in speaking about her own trauma as well as her family's generational trauma.

After you register, you will receive your Zoom link via email from ACEs Connection.

All registrants will receive a private link of this recording within one week following the live event.

If you would like to make a donation of your choice separate from this event, click here.

2020-06-17 (15)

2020-06-17 (16)



"Cracked Up, The Evolving Conversation is a deeply moving, powerful and invaluable experience for anyone who has experienced trauma or cares about anyone who has experienced trauma—all of us. Each conversation (and conversation participant) has touched me deeply, been revelatory and has enriched me/my life personally and professionally.”
—Karen O’Brien, MSW

"Listening in on Cracked Up, The Evolving Conversation is, at it’s core, a way of witnessing how friends and colleagues who truly understand trauma, can really attune to one another, and be models for healing relationships. Yes, we can learn the science of ACEs, but when we are mirrored true compassion, we can start to practice it in our own lives.”
—Drew Factor, Internist

"I just wanted to thank you all for the webinar to celebrate the Netflix premier of Cracked Up. What a warm, personable and honest conversation the four of you shared together and with the community of people that joined through the webinar format. I was delighted to be a part of it and watch as all of us really healed and learned from each of your stories. Thank you especially to Darrell for sharing your story to start this conversation of healing for all of us. Thank you Michelle for your skill of putting his story together on film."
—Cindy F.

“Esrick’s Cracked Up has provided both a life-changing and life-saving experience for those who have survived the often “hidden hurt” of childhood trauma. Now, in their new series, Cracked Up, The Evolving Conversation, we are all fortunate to have the rare privilege to learn from not only the film’s star Darrell Hammond, but also its director and trauma experts.”
—Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, trauma expert

"Your Evolving Conversation Episode 1 with Darrell, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, and Michelle really touched me. I just began seeking treatment for trauma I experienced in my past and it was comforting to feel like I’m part of a community.”
—John Stanford

"I would like to sincerely and deeply thank you for the first session. It is really rare to have these conversations with survivors and professionals in an equal talk and understanding of the many effects of trauma”

“I love Cracked Up, The Evolving Conversations! I have never been a part of anything so real, honest, intimate, and inspiring. Episode 3 should be a master class in holding a loving space for someone when they are upset. I can’t wait for the next one!”
—Lee Levinson


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