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PACEs in the Faith-Based Community

The Struggle Is Real - The Church and Mental Health


Saturday, May 15, 2021 @9:00 AM/EST

This transformational conference will enlighten and empower the faith community to become more aware, intentional, and engaging partners in the healing process to an existing population within every house of worship. In my 20+ years of experience, I've learned the core reason why more places of worship aren't prepared or equipped to minister to those struggling with mental health, is because they simply don't know how. This conference will instruct those interested, open, and available to be used as a willing vessels for kingdom building to be the "church" that Jesus molded as our example.

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I don't have a website but the topic centers around how the faith community can play a more vital role in the healing process of those struggling with ACEs. The session should last about 2 hours or less depending on the question and answer session. I will be presenting my years of experience of combining both faith and science. Hope you can join the diverse group of believers for a transformative conversation and experience.

Rev. Clinkscales,  Thanks for offering this resource.  Is there a webpage with additional information about this Conference?  How long is it?  Will a recording be available in the future through the (P)ACEs Connection website or some other website?  Gratefully, Rev. Marshall Wattman-Turner, St. Paul's United Methodist Church Milwaukie Oregon

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