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Black Immigrant Pastors in US Share Similar Experiences of Racism (VOANEWS)


By Elizabeth Lee, June 10, 2020,

LOS ANGELES - Steve Adarkwa grew up in Ghana. What he saw on television shaped his image of America. 

“Beautiful streets (and) beautiful people. I'd never seen racism before because I was coming from a country where everything was African,” Adarkwa remembered.  

Living in the United States as a black man shattered the glamorized image portrayed on TV. 

“I actually saw the intensity of racism or racial divide in this country,” said Adarkwa. 

He said he understood the nationwide protests in response to George Floyd’s death and demonstrations against racism in the United States.  

“People look at you weird. People talk to you weird, especially when you have an accent. All of a sudden it doesn't matter if you have an education or background, it doesn't matter your social status. People instantly just downgrade you and talk to you a certain way,” Adarkwa said. 

Good and bad experiences with police 

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