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Racism's Effect on Health, and the Heartbreak of Being a Black Parent Right Now: California's Surgeon General Speaks []


By KQED Science, KQED, June 14, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic and the recent killing of George Floyd have brought longstanding racial inequities into sharp focus. One of those disparities concerns the high rate of coronavirus transmission among people of color. To talk about the intersection of race and health, KQED's Brian Watt spoke last week with California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, who is known for her pioneering work on the role that childhood stress and trauma play on the wellness of minority populations.  Here are excerpts from the interview, edited for length and clarity.

'We recognize that COVID-19 is a scary pandemic and it is killing people. But we also have to recognize that racism is killing people. We have to attack both.'

Brian Watt: You wrote in Medium recently that you are often asked what it is about black and brown people that makes us vulnerable to the coronavirus, and that the question infuriates you. But I think people need to hear your answer.

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