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New devotional book, Hope for Healing, seeks to give trauma-informed ministry insight


I am proud/relieved/gratified at finally being able to share a labor of love with the "PACES" community. It has been a struggle, the book project--yes, but just life and ministry in general have been hard over the past year. My family and I, personally, continue to walk the path of navigating all the complexities that come from trauma and working through that trauma in the context of ministry. I understand that many of you are in the same situation and can understand.

The book, Hope for Healing, is a project I have been working on for Intermountain... a nationally recognized non-profit providing hope and healing for children, youth and families in need of improved mental and behavioral health. I am excited for what the book could mean in terms of sharing the vision of Intermountain--healing through healthy relationships--with others similarly engaged in this important work.

Here is the "write-up" on the book, available now in eBook and paperback on Amazon:

Give yourself thirty days to experience the profound ministry of Intermountain Residential in Helena, Montana! Hope for Healing is a unique devotional book. It comes from Rev. Dr. Chris Haughee's ministry as chaplain to severely emotionally disturbed children and their families, gleaned from articles, sermons, and other writings (2012-2020). It will draw you further into the heart of a ministry of advocacy for children that are near to the heart of Jesus Christ--not in spite of their difficulties in life--but precisely because they have endured the worst this world can offer and have found hope and healing. You will find your faith enriched and your appreciation grow for the hard work these children, their families, and--God willing--an increasing number of churches and communities of faith are willing to engage in to find resilience and empowerment for the sake of our world and God's Kingdom. There are thirty days of personal devotions that can also be used in small group settings using the optional discussion questions in the back of the book. Each day includes a lesson, key verse, key thought, and a prayer.

Here are a few of the endorsements for Hope and Healing:

“Hope for Healing takes us directly into the heart of Intermountain—the children—through stories, reflections, prayers, scripture and children's drawings. Chaplain Chris Haughee loves the children Intermountain serves, and gently invites us into their world as supporters of the mission of hope and healing. Intermountain began as a ministry of the faith community, and faith communities continue to support it with love, prayers, and gifts. This devotional is a gift back to faith communities.”

The Rev. Jessica Crist, Retired Bishop; Montana Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Hope for Healing is a must-read for any parent, family member or friend of a child who has been affected by emotional, behavioral, or intellectual disabilities. Rev. Chris Haughee is masterful in his ability to take a simple life lesson from his ministry to children at Intermountain and tie it to scripture and a prayer. As a parent of a child who benefited from his ministry, I highly recommend it.”

Pat Hays, author of My Tears in His Bottle: Prayers from the Heart of a Special Needs’ Mom

"Chris Haughee served for years as a chaplain in a residential treatment center serving youth with serious emotional and behavioral challenges often resulting from great adversity. He’s ministered with children experiencing degrees of brokenness unimaginable to most people. He’s also witnessed God present and at work in the brokenness, restoring hope and facilitating healing. Hope for Healing represents a wonderful resource for teens and adults struggling with the effects of mental illness, trauma or neglect and the people who love and care for them."

Stephen Grcevich, MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, President and Founder, Key Ministry; Author of Mental Health and the Church: A Ministry Handbook for Including Children and Adults with ADHD, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, and Other Common Mental Health Conditions

“It takes a gentle yet strong heart to build trust with children who have been deeply wounded. Rev. Chris Haughee has this unique quality. His knowledge of trauma-informed care together with his love for Jesus changes lives. In Hope for Healing, Rev. Haughee gives us a glimpse of this healing process through touching stories from his ministry to children at Intermountain. Through this 30-Day devotional, you will be reminded of the childlike faith we all need in order to find healing and hope.”

Lisa Qualls, Author of The Connected Parent: Real-Life Strategies for Building Trust and Attachment

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