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Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice (CTIPP) launches new grassroots initiative to engage and educate Congress


CTIPP (Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice) today announced the launch of the National Trauma Campaign, calling for federal action to prevent and address childhood trauma and build resilience through educating and engaging Congress. Its widely circulated communication invited people from around the country to join the new grassroots initiative. The campaign provides ways for everyone to get involved by joining the effort, becoming a Local Liaison to take the lead in every state and congressional district to forge a relationship with your Members of Congress, sharing on social media, among other activities.  

A main action that the campaign identifies to be taken immediately is to ask your U.S. representative to join the bipartisan House Trauma-Informed Caucus, established in 2019 by Representatives Mike Gallagher (R-WI) and Danny Davis (D-IL). Tips on how to undertake this request are provided on a comprehensive page on the Campaign on the CTIPP website. You can also get there by clicking on the green navigation bar (National Trauma Campaign) on the CTIPP site. Multiple resources on ACES-trauma-resilience are available on the page to share with congressional offices—both members and their staffers—as well as educate yourself on different aspects of public policy relating to the trauma issue.

And if you want to become involved in an ACEs initiative in your community, please contact an ACEs Connection community facilitator in your area.

The call-to-action circulated widely by CTIPP follows:

The Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice, CTIPP, founded this grassroots effort with the encouragement and engagement of community leaders and supportive advocates – like you – who want strong federal efforts to prevent and address these important issues nationwide. The National Trauma Campaign is designed to support local and state leaders in opening a line of regular communication with congressional offices to: 

  • Provide evidence on the science and research on childhood trauma
  • Share information about trauma initiatives already taking place within congressional districts and states, and 
  • Partner to create policies and passable legislation that promote healthy and resilient communities.

We invite you to actively and passionately pursue this goal alongside CTIPP. We are confident that the time you spend advocating will create a resilient, trauma-informed society where all individuals, families and communities have the opportunity and support needed to thrive.

While the Campaign building blocks are in place, it will take a chorus of voices like yours and other advocates throughout the country, over time, to ensure positive change.

Ways you can be involved:

Sign up to be a member of the Campaign. It is open to any individual and any organization. Members of the Campaign receive tools and support, and participate in the Campaign’s calls to action. The first call to action will be to urge U.S. Representatives to join the House Trauma-Informed Caucus. There will be a toolkit, talking points and instructions coming from the Campaign to support this ask.

Check out the Campaign Background and Overview to learn why CTIPP is launching this Campaign.

Take a leadership role by becoming a Local Liaison and taking a volunteer role with the Campaign. A Local Liaison is needed for each U.S. House and Senate office. You can apply today to become a Local Liaison.

Visit to learn more about how the Campaign works and the role you and your organization can take in changing the lives of millions of people nationwide. On the website, you’ll find tools, talking points, materials, campaign news and in-depth information about ACEs, trauma-informed care, and the financial impact of trauma. 

Join us on social media @CTIPPorg on launch day, February 11, and beyond. (See the Launch Tools below.)

Questions? Email

We are excited to work with you to make a big difference!

Yours for action,

The National Campaign Core Team

Daniel Press, Van Ness Feldman

Erin Connolly, LCSW, CTIPP Board 

Jeff Hild, Building Community Resilience, George Washington University School of Public Health

Jesse Kohler, CTIPP Board and North Light Community Center

Marlo Nash, Saint Francis Ministries

Whitney Marris, The Institute on Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care

You can reach the National Campaign Team at

 Please Participate in the Launch on February 11, 2020

Launch Tools

Here are ways you can help spread the word:

  1. Share this email invitation with your network, staff, trauma coalition, etc.
  2. Join in on social media to talk about the Campaign, using the hashtag #TransformChildhoodTrauma, and the Campaign infographics and sample messages, listed and linked below, on Twitter and Facebook.

 Sample Social Media Messages

Feel free to tailor any of the messages to your organization or the work that you do. 

Congress needs to: Realize the widespread impact of trauma. Recognize signs and symptoms. Respond by integrating science and knowledge into policies. Join efforts to educate and engage Congress. Sign up today!  #TransformChildhoodTrauma 

[Your organization name/handle] is joining the national campaign to urge Congress to prevent and address childhood trauma and build resilience. Everyone is welcome! Sign up today and take action with us! #TransformChildhoodTrauma

@WHO found ACEs cost US three-quarters of a trillion healthcare dollars/year. Addressing and preventing ACEs could save the federal govt $217 billion in healthcare/year. Join the national campaign to urge action! #TransformChildhoodTrauma  

Did you know that more foster children have PTSD than war veterans? Trauma-informed policies improve experiences for children & families. Join a new national campaign to urge federal action! #TransformChildhoodTrauma 

@CDCgov found that ACEs increase the likelihood of mental and health conditions that are preventable. Join [your organization name/handle] in a new national campaign to urge Congress to prevent and address trauma. Sign up today! #TransformChildhoodTrauma

 Campaign Infographics

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