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PACEs in the Faith-Based Community

Best Practices, Internationally Respected Experts Featured at ACEs Central Florida Conference. Registration Closes Monday!


Donna Jackson Nakazawa (photo by Marshall Clarke), award winning science journalist and author of Angel and the Assassin, will join Dr. Mimi Graham, director of Florida State University's Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy, Andrea Darr, creator of Handle With Care, Captain Lovetta Quinn-Henry, from the Orlando Police Department and many more featured at the conference.

Help your community move the needle toward a trauma-informed, resilient community by learning from the leading experts. April 20 and 21.

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Featured Conference Workshops

Your Healing Narrative: Write-to-Heal With Neural Re-Narrating for Individuals and Healing Professionals

Featuring Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Throughout this workshop, Donna takes participants on a journey, utilizing the process of writing-to-heal to help individuals recognize old, painful thought patterns, observe how histories of adversity may be affecting their health, relationships, work, and well-being, and begin rewriting their inner stories. In the process, participants begin to uncover internal resources for resiliency and create new, more powerful, and resonant healing narratives that help them flourish in their current lives. This workshop is appropriate for health care professionals; behavioral health specialists; therapists; social workers; educators; parents; and any individuals who have experienced adversity, or who face ongoing, chronic stress in their everyday lives.

Reframing the Judicial System with Early Childhood Court

Featuring Mimi Graham, Ed.D, Director, Florida State University Center for Prevention and Early Intervention PolicyMimi Graham

Early Childhood Court (ECC) addresses child welfare cases involving children under the age of three. The goal of Florida's ECC is to improve child safety and well-being, change the experience and outcomes of children in the child welfare system, heal trauma and repair the parent/child relationship, expedite permanency, and stop the intergenerational cycle of abuse/neglect/violence. In this workshop, you will hear from a judge with extensive experience with ECC. Additionally, a representative from the Office of Court Improvement will highlight the data and evidence behind the success of ECC and outline what we can do to continue to expand the initiative.

Handle with Care: A Collaborative Program to Protect Children Who Experience Traumatic Events

Featuring Andrea Darr, Director, West Virginia Center for Children’s Justice

Handle WOther Personith Care (HWC) is designed to promote partnerships between law enforcement and schools to help provide a safe and supportive academic environment for children exposed to traumatic events. This workshop will share how HWC has been implemented in other states and counties and the key partners critical to the program’s success. We will also hear updates on what is currently happening with HWC at the local and state level.

Law Enforcement & Mental Health Partnerships to Promote Resilience in Central Florida

Featuring Captain Lovetta Quinn-Henry, Captain, Community Relations Division, CISM Team Commander, City of Orlando Police Department

Police officerIn this workshop, you will learn about new mental health and law enforcement partnership programs currently active here in Central Florida. The first partnership is between Devereux’s Behavioral Response Unit and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and the second is the brand-new Community Response Team, which is a partnership between the Orlando Police Department and Aspire Health.

To register for the conference, please click here.


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