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August 2021

The Groundbreaking Decision That Just Struck a Blow to Our Racist Immigration Laws []

At some level, I have learned to accept that US immigration policy is racist. And at some level, I’ve learned to accept that it is “legal” for US immigration policy to be racist, at least from a Hobbesian perspective, which holds that the state can do whatever it wants in whatever lands it controls by force. This country has always had a “preferred” class of immigrants it wants to attract, while trying to stem the tide of those deemed undesirable by the white powers that be. We didn’t like...

A man built a garden in Harlem and the children in the neighborhood bloomed []

By Annie Reneau, Upworthy, August 19, 2021 Tony Hillery was living the high life, running a limousine company and wearing Prada suits, when the financial crisis of 2008 hit. He lost his business and lines of credit and felt like he was too old to start over. He kept reading about underfunded schools with no art, gym, or music—a sharp contrast to the private schools his kids had attended. So one day, he decided to take the subway to Harlem to see what he could do. "I couldn't have been more...

Here's what happened when a San Francisco nonprofit gave unhoused people $500 a month []

By Adele Peters, Fast Company, August 6, 2021 For the last six months, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that works with people experiencing homelessness tried a simple experiment: If it gave some people a small basic income of $500 a month, how much could it help? The nonprofit, called Miracle Messages , pairs unhoused people with volunteer “buddies” who make weekly calls and texts and offer support. (The volunteers also use social media to reconnect people experiencing homelessness with...

Would Ending the War on Drugs End Childhood Trauma?

When people feel burned out, stressed out, and left out they are much more likely to seek comfort from artificial, illicit, and pharmaceutical substances. I’ve seen trauma result in too many kids encountering the juvenile justice system; too many women (usually) who are subjected to domestic violence; and too many police officers who see no other option except for suicide. At the heart of most, if not all, of these challenges is trauma that is connected to or exacerbated by narcotics.

Healthy People 2030 Adds 4 Objectives on Childhood Trauma, Up From 0 (

by Amanda Merck @AMFitnessHealth For the first time, the Healthy People 2030 guidelines have added four objectives on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), a step to recognize the systemic impact of childhood trauma on health. ACEs, such as abuse and poverty, are a public health crisis . None of the past Healthy People editions ─ 1990, 2000, 2010, 2020 ─ had an objective to address ACEs as part of its national guidance to promote health and prevent disease. Now there are four objectives!

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