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May 2021

Offset trauma for students by promoting positive experiences []

By Sheilamary Koch, Multibriefs: Exclusive, July 27, 2020 When Christina Bethell was little, she lived in a low-income housing complex in Los Angeles where her neighbor, a quiet lady the kids called Mrs. Raccoon, always had her door open for the neighborhood kids. Every Saturday she threw a little tea party with candy to celebrate any child with a birthday that week. Bethell fondly remembers the woman’s kindness as source of comfort during her challenging childhood. Dr. Bethell, now a...

Positive Childhood Experiences and Adult Mental and Relational Health in a Statewide Sample: Associations Across Adverse Childhood Experiences Levels []

By Christina Bethell, Jennifer Jones, Narangerel Gombojav, et al., JAMA Pediatrics, September 9, 2019 Question : Are positive childhood experiences (PCEs) associated with adult depression and/or poor mental health (D/PMH) and adult-reported social and emotional support (ARSES) independent from adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)? Findings : In this cross-sectional study, adults reporting higher PCEs had lower odds of D/PMH and greater ARSES after accounting for ACEs. The associations of...

'Heartbreak on top of heartbreak': California's first surgeon general navigates the pandemic []

By Marissa Evans, Los Angeles Times, May 6, 2021 When Dr. Nadine Burke Harris received her COVID-19 vaccine in Oakland last month, she internally rejoiced. As California’s surgeon general , the state’s top physician, she was glad to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to show others it was safe. But one of the most critical parts of the pandemic’s vaccine rollout — reassuring Black and brown communities that the vaccines available are safe — is an ongoing task. “I think that I myself...

How Systemic Racism Continues To Determine Black Health And Wealth In Chicago []

By Terry Gross, National Public Radio, May 6, 2021 There is a 30-year gap in the life expectancies of Black and white Chicagoans depending on their ZIP code. On average, residents of the Streeterville neighborhood, which is 73% white , live to be 90 years old. Nine miles south, the residents of Englewood, which is nearly 95% Black , have a life expectancy of 60. Journalist Linda Villarosa says the disparity in life expectancies has its roots in government-sanctioned policies that...

A Strengths-Based Approach Brings HOPE to ACEs

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released its first in a series of reports called “Snapshots” after polling 3,000+ parents about their experiences during the pandemic. Surprisingly, while many of the findings were concerning, most people reported a deepening relationship with their children despite the stress and tension they were experiencing.

Struggling with Mindfulness? Essential Tips for Beginners (

Mindfulness meditation can change lives. From an enhanced sense of oneness with the world to the easing of depression and anxiety, through to the physical benefits on physiological stress levels, heart health and healing, there are a thousand and one reasons to practice mindfulness. But if you’re a total beginner, is it really as easy as ‘just sit there for a few minutes and day and be aware of your surroundings’? Nope. Not at all. 1 – Make Time for Mindfulness If you’re going to get...

A Mental Health Focus at the Barbershop []

By Breanna Gentile, Psychology Today, May 16, 2021 Maybe it was your lived experience, or maybe it was something you saw in the movies: sitting in the barber shop getting your haircut and talking about all sorts of things from funny to serious to ridiculous. For Lorenzo Lewis , founder of The Confess Project, it was his lived experience and his muse for creating “America's First Mental Health Barbershop Movement.” I had the pleasure to chat with Lorenzo and understand how The Confess Project...

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