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Denver Metro ACEs Connection (CO)

Denver Metro Area community members and professionals from healthcare, education, businesses, law enforcement, faith organizations and legal systems who collaborate to measurably reduce the impact of trauma on children and families by building individual and organizational resiliency resulting in healthy, sustainable neighborhoods.

Blog Posts

Whole People Watch Weekend on ACEs Connection (Dec. 11th - 13th)

The Transform Trauma with ACEs Sciences FREE Film Festival continues this weekend. Please join us to watch parts 1, 2, and 3 of the PBS Whole People series at your convenience, on ACEs Connection, by clicking play on the videos below: Whole People | 101 | Childhood Trauma | Episode 1 (27 min) Preview: Whole People | 102 | Healing Communities | Preview | Episode 2 Whole People | 102 |Healing Communities Episode 2 (27 min) Whole People | 103 |A New Response | Episode 3 (27 min) This is one of...

Denver Wants to Fix a Legacy of Environmental Racism []

By Veronica Penney, The New York Times, September 30, 2020 In most American cities, white residents live near parks, trees and baseball fields, while communities of color are left with concrete and the heat that comes with it . Now, in a push that could provide a road map for other cities, officials in Denver are working to rectify that historical inequity. The effort, one of a handful around the country, has been bolstered by an environmental tax that added tens of millions of dollars to...

LAUNCH Together Supports Social Emotional Well-Being in Southwest Denver

As the COVID-19 pandemic blurred from days into months, the leadership team of LAUNCH Together Southwest Denver began hearing about the sense of anguish and confusion felt by directors of early-childhood learning centers: Should I re-open? Is that financially feasible? Is it ethical? And how do I decide, in a sea of fast-changing information about a virus scientists are still struggling to understand? LAUNCH Together SW Denver, a collaborative formed in 2016 to boost community capacity to...

Denver School Principal On How Black Students Led Swift Changes To History Curriculum []

By Ailsa Chang and Jonaki Mehta, National Public Radio, July 10, 2020 Across the country, students of color have been demanding change from their schools. At one Denver school, the push for a more inclusive and diverse curriculum came last year, from a group of African American high school students at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College. Black students at the joint middle school and high school say they didn't see their history and culture reflected in the curriculum at a school that's...

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