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PACEs Connection Cooperative of Communities

Trauma-Informed Education Training Series 2022


PACEs Connection's interactive four-part series will continue in July of 2022.  This course will be facilitated by Lara Kain and will be a combination of lecture, discussion, and collaboration. This four part series will use the RYSE center Interacting Layers of Trauma and Healing as a framework. Register for each session below, please share with your networks!

Course description and schedule:

Part 1: Individual and Interpersonal. How exposure to trauma and adversity impacts our ability to concentrate, learn, and regulate. How PCE's (Positive Childhood Experiences) can be cultivated in school spaces. This portion occurred April 6, 2022. If you missed this one you can still join in the rest!

Part 2: Building Community, The How of Trauma-Informed Schools, July 13th 10am-1:30pm PST. Register HERE

  • Examine how SAMHSA's 6 principles of trauma-informed care are applied in school settings and provide a framework for transforming school culture
  • Examine ways in which schools can redesign themselves to be trauma-responsive and polyvagal-informed spaces for youth and adults.
  • Explore healing-centered engagement in schools. Creating  safe empowering spaces that promote agency and foster resilience.
  • Outline the importance of creating a culture of collective care for school staff
  • How to keep an equity lens front and center in the work

Part 3: Policy and Systems, Trauma-Informed Education and your Community PACEs Initiative, September 14th 10am-1:30pm PST. Register HERE

  • Outline the importance of including schools are part of your cross-sector work
  • Explore how community driven PACEs initiatives have successfully integrated schools into their work. Examples such as the community schools movement and Handle With Care will be highlighted
  • Engage in collective problem solving and goal setting around the integration of schools in cross-sector initiatives
  • What does healing-centered and trauma-informed policy look like? Making policy 'proximate to the pain'
  • Explore how to support and create healing-centered schools within thriving communities

Part 4: History, Legacy, and the Future of Schools, November 9th 10am-1:30pm PST. Register HERE

  • Explore the historical trauma and legacy of structural inequity in our current education system
  • How have schools been spaces of both trauma AND healing?
  • Reflect on the purpose of schooling past, present, and future
  • What opportunities exist to reimagine and redesign the current system?
  • How do we collectively create education systems the center equity, healing, and joy?

Lara Kain

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