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PACEs Connection Cooperative of Communities

PACEs and the Arts as Healing Training Series 2022


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PACEs Connection's interactive four-part series on Foundations of arts as healing in our PACEs Connection communities begins in the second quarter of 2022. John Dovales Flores MSW will facilitate this course, PACEs Connection’s Community Arts consultant, and will be a combination of learning about the arts and integrating arts into programming, exploration of equity issues in the arts, neuroscience of the arts, healing modalities, and how to develop and fund art programming.  Registration for this course is now open for PACEs Connection Cooperative of Communities members.

Please see the course description and schedule below:

COOP Module 1: Foundations of arts as healing, May 25, 2022, from; Register HERE

Part 1: What are the foundations of arts as healing?

Part 2: Neuroscientific research on the healing arts, child development, & PCEs

Part 3: Multi-dimensional approaches to healing and how to incorporate the arts into your program

COOP Module 2: Addressing barriers to arts as healing, July 27, 2022; RegisterHERE

Part 1: Addressing barriers to art integration and education

Part 2: Systemic and values-focused barriers

Part 3: Lack of funding and access to community arts and healing

COOP Module 3: Effective art-based interventions, Oct 26, 2022; Register HERE 

Part 1: Effective interventions

Part 2: What works and outcomes in arts as a healing modality

COOP Module 4: Arts funding, December 14, 2022; Register HERE

Part 1: How to get arts funding?

Part 2: Well-known arts funders

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