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PACEs Connection Cooperative of Communities

Creating Partnerships on the Path to a Just Society Training Course 2022 Registration


PACEs Connection's interactive four-part series on building and maintaining strategic partnerships in our PACEs Connection communities begins in the second quarter of 2022. This course will be facilitated by Carey Sipp, PACEs Connection’s director of strategic partnerships, and will be a combination of sharing, learning by example, exploration with your fellow community members, consensus building, brainstorming, and collaboration.  Registration for this course is now open for members of the PACEs Connection Cooperative of Communities.

Please see the course description and schedule below:

Creating Partnerships on the Path to a Just Society - Deepening Relationships and Commitments

Quarterly Modules:

  • Recognizing existing opportunities - Inventory of relationships and capabilities - April 28th, 2022  Register HERE.
    • Awareness of the challenges; where are you?
    • Who are your partners; whom do you know?
    • Can you bring a cross-sector group together?
  • Recognizing existing opportunities - Connecting with intention - Out of silo and into effectiveness - May 24th, 2022 Register HERE.
    • Examples of cross-sector work that is working (Handle with Care)
    • Video example of this
    • Introduction to the DEI tool
    • Filling out the DEI tool
    • Cross-training with PACEs Connection classes and trainings; taking classes together!
  • Recognizing existing opportunities - Building and strengthening relationships - July 28th, 2022 Register HERE.
    • Using PACEs science presentations to connect and identify leaders and partners
    • Returning to the DEI tool again
    • How your regularly held meeting establishes trust, continuity, improves relationships
  • Building and strengthening relationships - Moving at the speed of trust October 28th, 2022 Register HERE.
    • Using committees to deepen and strengthen relationships
    • The “Annual Report” you build as you go
    • Using the your Memorandum of Understanding and Community Resiliency Tracker to build community
  • Building strong, permanent, effective alliances - Best practices and processes around sustainability December 8, 2022 Register HERE.
    • Staying connected to your members and funders - presentations, trackers
    • Cross-training and shared responsibilities with committees
    • Sharing the Community Resiliency Tracker and its Milestones to build your sustainable, trauma-informed community
    • The importance of reporting, recognition, thank-you's.

For more information, please contact Carey Sipp at

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