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California Essentials for Childhood Initiative (CA)

The California Essentials for Childhood Initiative uses a public health and collective impact approach to align and enhance collaborative efforts to promote safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for children, youth and families through systems, policy and social norms change.

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Sesame Street in Communities Takes on Trauma

Mary Beth Colliins ·
Just this morning, Sesame Street in Communities announced its initiative to support foster children, foster parents, and the providers who serve foster care. Further, more trauma related topics will be addressed soon. The upcoming programing is detailed in today’s The Atlantic article “For-Now Parents’ and ‘Big Feelings’: How Sesame Street Talks About Trauma: ‘The Muppets can often do what humans can’t. They’ve got this special power.’ ” “ "Through its Sesame Street in Communities...
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Showing UP for Sophia: Dear John,

Marcella Maggio ·
Dear John, Watching Marriage Story on New Year’s Eve was the ending I needed to witness in order to understand our own. Like Charlie and Nicole, we have history, we share a child, and we both want our child to be raised in an environment where she can thrive. While our similarities don’t stop there, the difference in how their ending started inspired me to follow suit. A mediator encouraged them to write a note of positivity to remember why they got married (together) in the first place.
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Great parenting resource for Strengthening Families 5 Protective Factors

Bonnie Berman ·
Here is a great website from the Five for Families public awareness campaign that explains the Strengthening Families 5 Protective Factors to parents. It has parent-friendly language, videos, questions to consider, and parenting ideas.
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Handling Your Child’s Challenging Behaviors at Every Age: New Parenting Guide from Yolo Child Abuse Prevention Council/Yolo County Children's Alliance

Natalie Audage ·
The Yolo County Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) and Yolo County Children’s Alliance (YCCA) are excited to share our new parenting guide: Handling Your Child’s Challenging Behaviors at Every Age. This resource for parents and caregivers provides positive discipline tips and resources to handle challenging behaviors in babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school-age children, and teenagers. Each age group page has: tips on how parents can connect with their child, some common challenging...
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Infants and Toddlers Need Strong Parents []

Alicia Doktor ·
Parents play the most active and significant role in their baby’s healthy development. Young children learn and grow in strong families where parents are able to successfully face the challenge of nurturing their children. During the first three years of life, experiences are shaping a child’s brain and providing the foundation for later development. Parenting support services, which range from informational resources to more intensive interventions, can help improve parenting skills,...
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Make Time for Yourself—A Self-Care Guide for Busy Parents from Yolo County Children's Alliance

Natalie Audage ·
Yolo County Children’s Alliance is excited to share our new self-care resource for parents and caregivers for Child Abuse Prevention Month. Make Time for Yourself—A Self-Care Guide for Busy Parents talks about the importance of self-care and provides many ideas to try. The guide is available in English, Spanish, and Russian at . To help parents prioritize self-care, the guide divides specific self-care ideas into those that only take 5 minutes to do and those...
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Parents have a right to be stressed. But don't take it out on your kids

Dina Burstein ·
Melissa Merrick PhD and Robert Sege MD, PhD wrote this timely and interesting article for CNN online. We encourage you to check it out! Also, please visit and join our Balancing ACES with HOPE community . Just as prior generations were deeply affected by the Great Depression, the assassinations of Martin Luther King and the Kennedys and the horrors of 9/11, the COVID -19 pandemic may well be the defining moment in the lives of today's children. That's why we owe it to our children to focus...
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7 Ways to Help a Child Deal with Traumatic Stress

Hilary Jacobs Hendel ·
Traumatic stress feels awful. Thankfully, there are small things we can all do to help relax a hyperaroused nervous system.
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Call for Presenters: Early Education Conference

Sasha Silveanu ·
The California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools (CCPPNS) hosts the premier early education conference for the cooperative preschool community in California. The 2018 Conference, "Time to Connect," will be coordinated by the the San Francisco Council of Parent Participation Nursery School. When: March 9 & 10, 2018 Where: Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco CA The early education convention draws parents and teachers from around the state of California and is open to all, not solely...

Re: Just Released: New App To Support Families During the Coronavirus Outbreak and Beyond

Jondi Whitis ·
That’s a great idea. Good on you! If there’s room, a place for it in your resources, could I send you a copy of my book and perhaps something from there could be a helpful addition? kind regards, Jondi Whitis
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Just Released: New App To Support Families During the Coronavirus Outbreak and Beyond

Caitlin O'Brien ·
Families with young children are currently facing unprecedented challenges and need support now more than ever. To help parents and caregivers access much-needed resources, our friends/partners at the Early Learning Lab just released Stay Play Grow , a free app that provides a one-stop source of trusted resources curated by their team of child development experts, women, and working moms. Parents and caregivers can find tips, tools, and information across four key areas in English and...
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Trends in Adverse Childhood Exeperiences (ACEs) in the United States []

By David Finkelhor, Child Abuse & Neglect, July 30, 2020 Abstract Background: It is important for those called upon to discuss major social determinants of health such as adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) to have accurate knowledge about generational trends in their prevalence. Objective: To review available trend data on major forms of ACEs. Methods: A search of academic data bases was conducted by combining the term “trend” with a variety of terms referring to childhood adversities.

Re: Trends in Adverse Childhood Exeperiences (ACEs) in the United States []

Jeoffry Gordon ·
While this article is interesting, Finkelhor uses out of data data acquisition. Contemporary trends in family dysfunction, morbidity, and mortality have been teased apart on a much more detailed level by the economist Angus Deaton using techniques for which he won the Nobel prize. A more intimate understanding contemporary USA family stress will be found in the book he wrote with his wife Anne Case "Deaths of Despair." In brief they document the stresses of social alienation unemployment and...
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