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California Essentials for Childhood Initiative (CA)

The California Essentials for Childhood Initiative uses a public health and collective impact approach to align and enhance collaborative efforts to promote safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for children, youth and families through systems, policy and social norms change.

FREE WEBINAR- Shifting the Focus: Prioritizing the Developmental Needs of Infants and Toddlers through Early Childhood Court Teams


Please join the IL ACEs Response Collaborative for this FREE learning opportunity with Dr. Kimberly Mann, Deputy Director of Research and Child Well-being at the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. Dr. Mann will be discussing the creation and implementation of the Early Childhood Court Team in Illinois.

The Early Childhood Court Team program utilizes a relationship-based approach to support families that have infants or toddlers under the age of four and are currently involved in child welfare services in Illinois. The approach is developmental and prioritizes the well-being of very young children exposed to early life trauma, engages all caregivers, and ensures increased case collaboration among all sectors of the service array. Families and children are best supported when their complex needs are identified, understood and approached in an ecological manner that empowers the parental role.

This webinar will describe the strategies used to develop skills, knowledge and values of the staff to enhance their capacity to respond more effectively to the developmental needs of young children, as well as the successful outcomes of the Early Childhood Court Team. It will also discuss ways that changes to local systems improve outcomes and prevent future court involvement in the lives of very young children, by exposing and addressing the structural issues in the system that prevent families from succeeding.

Join us on Tuesday, September 17th at 3:00 PM CST for this great learning opportunity. 



Please contact Madison Hammett at with any questions. 

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