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California Essentials for Childhood Initiative (CA)

The California Essentials for Childhood Initiative uses a public health and collective impact approach to align and enhance collaborative efforts to promote safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for children, youth and families through systems, policy and social norms change.

Two Resources Developed by Safe & Sound Available


The EfC Initiative would like to share two resources developed by Safe & Sound, an organization dedicated to strengthening families and ending child abuse, that may be of interest to you in your work.

  • The Economics of Child Abuse Report has been updated to share the economic impact of child maltreatment and estimates that California's communities incurred $22.6 billion in economic impacts due to child maltreatment in 2021. Explore this interactive tool to learn the economic impact of child maltreatment by county.
  • The Data Playbook for Prevention Action Planning is a comprehensive guide to help county level prevention planning teams source, select, gather, analyze, and share data to develop their prevention plans for AB 153, the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) and other prevention initiatives.  The Executive Summary provides a quick overview of the who, why and how of the Playbook. Read the summary to identify particular topics where the Playbook may be most beneficial to your prevention planning. The Playbook is also attached below.

Please consider sharing these resources with your networks. Thank you for your continued partnership.


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