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June 2021

[REPOST] Amazing Infographic on ACEs, Spanking, and the Benefits of Positive Parenting

Putting the pieces together! Join an upstream approach to ending violence against children! This is an ACEs & Spanking INFOGRAPHIC that helps parents understand the connection between ACEs and the importance of not spanking and instead, using positive parenting techniques. For a free webinar series to support parents: More information on ACEs, Spanking, and Positive Parenting:

[Repost] Unlearning Ableism for Educators - free, interactive workshop

Registration for the June Rise to Resilience workshop Unlearning Ableism for Educators is now available! In this workshop, we will dive into what ableism is, how it manifests within classrooms and the education system, and identify ways to challenge ableism in our practices. Register here: You can watch past workshop recordings by clicking here and learn more about Rise to Resilience on the website . Image Description: A light pink background with...

Come As You Are!

Hello Bridge Community! Who heals the healer? Who cares for the caregiver? The Mindful Calm Community will be hosting a nourishing event on June 6th from 6-7pm PST. This will be a place for caregivers to convene and hold space for transparent discussions about their experiences. Come fill your cup with other likeminded community members next Tuesday! Registration is free! Click here to register for this event

Mindful Moment!

Hello Bridge Community! Join me for this mindful moment focused on the practice of pleasure. This pleasure mediation offers an opportunity for us to stop and remember something, someone, or someplace that has brought us joy over this past week. Reminding our bodies and our minds that these feelings can be accessed at any time!

[Repost] Impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) inspires launch of Number Story national public awareness campaign

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and their lasting impacts are the focus of a large-scale national public awareness campaign launching today, May 13th, 2021. ACEs are difficult, potentially highly stressful events or circumstances that occur during childhood or adolescence and include experiences like abuse, neglect, and having a family member with a mental illness or substance use issue. An ACE score, ranging from zero to ten, measures these experiences in ten categories. The higher...

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