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May 2021

Breathing for Self-Regulation

There are many wonderful ways to begin cultivating awareness in our own bodies. Today, we will take a look at square breathing or diaphragmatic breathing. Regularly practicing this ancient belly breathing technique activates our Vagus nerve and increases endorphins and serotonin. Comment below with a few ways you like to cultivate awareness in your own wellness journey!

Simple Self-Care

How has your self-care evolved over these past few months? This past year? Your self-care is valid, no matter what it looks like. Each step you take to nurture yourself is a radical act of community care. Check out this fun self-care bingo sheet offering a few new ways to spice up your wellness journey!

Policing in schools: Redefining public safety to be supportive & healing, instead of punitive & criminalizing

A recent video , shared on the national news, shows a 16-year-old Florida student being slammed to the ground by a police officer working at her school. It’s one of many such incidents of school-based police violence against students captured in videos around the country. Some of the victims are as young as five years old. About 47% of U.S. schools employ armed police officers , known as school resource officers, who are there to keep students safe. But students who attend these schools...

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