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TIC Training & Coaching E-News: January 2019


Network Updates

Happy New Year!

Starting January 31st, the TIC E-Newsletter will now go out on the last Thursdays of the month.

The Bridge Community Call will occur on January 29th and continue to occur on the last Tuesday of the month. Starting in January, the call will cover updates to the Bridge program, updates that are specific to the role of the TIC Trainer and Coach, any relevant policy, sharing of existing cross-county resources, strategies, etc.

Starting January 30th, the TIC Training & Coaching Learning Call will occur the last Wednesday of the month from 2-4p. It will include topics related to trauma informed care and professional development.

On the next e-Newsletter, the link to the evaluation for the Trauma-Informed Care Training & Coaching Certification process will be provided. 

If there are additional Navigators or Trainers that would like to be a part of the various Bridge-related calls, webinars, or further information, please send an email to

Other updates:

The Network's website and the Bridge program's website will  be updated at the start of the New Year.

Certificates for those who completed the first TIC Training and Coaching Cohort and evaluation feedback will be sent out by January 18th, 2019. Our next e-Newsletter will contain the finalized Trauma-Informed Care Curriculum.

We're excited to announce the new TIC Training & Coaching logo for the Bridge Program! Your roles within the program are all vital to our shared goal of increasing the capacity of child care programs to provide warmth and well-being to children. We encourage staff to use this logo in their outreach and resources for statewide visibility!

The logo is available for download here.


Reminder: Upload December 2018 TIC Teach & Share Materials

Follow the instructions provided at the link below to upload all of the materials that you used at the Teach & Share to the ACESConnection Bridge community.

Click Here


Staff Recruitment Resources

Check out staff recruitment resources on our Bridge Program Resources webpage.

Please feel free to e-mail us additional information to share as you develop it!

Need Technical Assistance?

For technical assistance, questions, and resources that you've developed and can share with others, please email Trauma-Informed Care Training & Coaching Manager Charlotte Williams at

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