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Thank you for a successful first training

Thank you to everyone who came to our first trauma informed care two-day training! It was great to see many of you there - to connect names to faces and re-connect with some of you. There was a lot covered in a relatively short time, and we appreciate all of your enthusiasm and openness throughout.

Although you were all there to be trained, I was struck by the experience and knowledge each of you bring to the group. I hope that as we continue, you not only learn from the curriculum but from each other's unique expertise as well. 

There was one sobering moment during the first day when the presenter took a moment to emphasize the importance of this initiative. I don't think she was exaggerating when she said what you're all doing is creating a movement, and ultimately changing the world. Whether you came into this work with that intention, or ended up here serendipitously, I hope you all feel the impact of those words.

I included some of the videos that were either played or mentioned during the training below (they'll also be in the Resources widget). I'll be uploading additional resources that were mentioned here in the coming days.

As always, let us know if you have any questions, and please remember to take care of yourselves.




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