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2021-05-13 (9)

In addition to the launch of our State of CAre provider engagement campaign today, ACEs Aware and California Surgeon General, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, are partnering with the national ACE Resource Network on a consumer education campaign designed to raise awareness and understanding of ACEs and toxic stress.

The campaign’s theme, “The Story of Your Number,” is a reference to understanding the story behind one’s ACE score, and how this can support and empower people and families to heal. can also be used as a tool to educate staff, clients, patients, and partners through its videos (like What is a Number Story?), and easily digestible scientific information.
2021-05-13 (12)
There are a number of ways you can get involved in promoting this important work:

  • If you or your organization have an Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter account, please join Dr. Nadine Burke Harris by sharing a Number Story on your social feeds starting today. When posting, feel free to use the hashtags #MyNumberStory, and #NumberStory when referencing the campaign.

  • Use Number Story’s Social Media Toolkit – available in both English and Spanish – which includes sample captions for you to cut, paste, and customize.

  • Download and print our co-branded fact sheet – created for sharing this important information with families and patients.

Funded through private philanthropy, the NumberStory campaign was established to increase ACEs awareness and education, promote healing and prevention, and disrupt the transmission of ACEs to future generations.

Stay tuned for many more new developments from this exciting partnership! For more information about Number Story, contact Sarah Marikos, ACE Resource Network Executive Director, at

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