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ACEs Connection's COVID-19 resources for parents, educators & people practicing resilience (all of us)


We are in uncertain times. Homelife has changed. School schedules have changed. Our communities are not the same. Work, if we have it, has changed, too. The world is different and we don't know for how long. We don't know what our lives will look like on the other side, either. We are worried about health, housing, security, and our loved ones. We generally have more stress and less support, as we are taking care of our families, ourselves, and each other. It’s a lot, and for those dealing with ACEs as well, we may be feeling especially stressed, stretched, and strained. 

Yet, our work here at ACEs Connection remains the same, as our tagline says — to prevent ACEs, heal trauma & build resilience. In fact, our work has never been more important. As our mission states:

“We are the human and digital catalyst that unites the people, organizations, systems, and communities in the worldwide ACEs movement. We are its main information exchange and resource. And we are a support for hundreds of local, state and national ACEs initiatives.” 

Therefore, in response to this pandemic, requests made online and during the Better Normal Community Discussion series hosted by @Jane Stevens (PACEs Connection Staff) with @Alison Cebulla (PACEs Connection Staff), along with special guests and ACEs Connection staff, we are curating three topic-specific resource collections for the duration of the pandemic. All three relate to COVID-19 and ACEs science and are as follows: 

All three can be found from the home page of ACEs Connection (see the widget in the right sidebar) as well as from our
ACEs in Education, Parenting with ACEs, Practicing Resilience for Self-Care and Healing communities. 

We’ll continue to post blogs, solutions stories, and resources related to COVID-19. Our calendar remains the go-to place to find information about webinars and online discussions related to COVID-19.

What we hope is that these collections can help you find resources, practices, and information quickly and easily and without going into information overload. If you have ideas, suggestions, practices or resources to share, as well as ideas about how to make these collections more useful, please let us know.

Please let us know how you are doing, what you are doing to manage, and what you need from our network and community.  We look forward to your feedback. Thank you and take care.

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