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World Mental Health Day: Mobilizing the Human Family Through the CRC & the PACEs Movement


Each October, World Mental Health Day gives us an opportunity to destigmatize mental health. This year’s theme, “Mental health is a human right,” mobilizes the human family to prioritize world mental health awareness.

Individuals may be exposed to traumatic experiences, which may lead to the transgenerational transmitting of trauma in larger identity groups or within families. Insufficient coping mechanisms with highly stressful and traumatic experiences become a (difficult) psychological legacy.” —Berghof Foundation

Awareness about health outcomes are as much about the long-term impact caused by adverse childhood experiences as they are by positive childhood experiences. By providing education on trauma-informed awareness and resilience building frameworks, the CRC Accelerator certification is a tool for both. This month, we would like to acknowledge educators, schools, families, and communities that are doing the powerful work to learn more about the other ACEs the CRC explores: Adverse Climate Experiences, Adverse Community Experiences, and Atrocious Cultural Experiences. Share the CRC with your community and join the PACEs Connection Addressing the Epidemic of School Shootings Series this October.

Program Summary

The PACEs 16-hour Creating Resilient Communities (CRC) accelerator certification program is focused on supporting and developing individual advocates and organizational agents of change in transforming their communities and organizations using PACEs science, trauma-informed awareness and resilience frameworks.

The CRC accelerator will cover fundamental topics such as understanding PACEs science, community organizing, multi-sector collaboration, and strategic planning; as well as several timely topics. Participants who complete all events in the series will receive a Certificate of Completion and will qualify for PACEs Connection fall 2023 fellowship program.

What’s new in October?

Grassroots organizer and activist, Agnes Yellow Bear, owner of ReeCreeations, will join as a guest facilitator of CRC: Introduction to Arts as Healing a Community to offer creative ways to promote healing. Agnes is Plains Cree from Kawacatoose First Nation, Saskatchewan, Canada. She brings her lived experience as the daughter of a Residential school survivor and Sixties Scoop survivor, culture, and creativity together through art, fashion, activism, and advocacy as a form of liberation. Agnes uses her lived experience to advocate for MMIWP and Orange Shirt Day. As an artist, Agens combines her passion for storytelling through stitches and social justice issues as a way to empower Indigenous People and spark meaningful conversations, inspire, and challenge.

Nikole Barnes, LICSW, co-founder of The Ryder | Talbutt Group, will join as a guest facilitator for CRC PACEs Science and Social Justice. Nikole is a cis, Black, queer woman—she, her—licensed independent clinical social worker and DEIB consultant with over 16 years experience specializing and working with LGBTQIA+, young adults, BIPOC communities as a trauma therapist. Nikole believes in working to decolonize therapy and social justice work as an ongoing process that requires continuous self-reflection, education, and commitment to dismantling oppressive structures. Learn more about Nikole here.

Genesis Fisher, Esq., founder and principal attorney of Fisher Law Practice, P.C., will join us as a guest facilitator of CRC: Organizing for Resilient Communities. Prior to starting the firm, Genesis spent eight years fighting for the rights of indigent clients as a public defender with the Legal Aid Society. She began her legal career at the Southern Poverty Law Center, where she worked on national civil rights issues and Alabama jail and women’s prison reform. She became interested in public interest law when she was the coordinator of Volunteers at the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless in D.C. Learn more about Genesis here.

3 FAQs we’ve recently added:

I think I’m done, now what?

My event was canceled, now what?

How do I start my PACEs initiative?

Quick CRC forum recap: Login to the PACEs Connection website, head to the CRC community, and click “Ask the Community Forum” button for quick access. You can also look for the widget in the side margin to review and add FAQs or discussion topics.

New to the CRC? Become a member and register for Introduction to PACEs Connection To Get Started

As a friendly reminder, attending Introduction to PACEs Connection is a required prerequisite of the CRC. There are several event dates available and you only need to attend ONE time. If you already attended, you will receive links for the remaining events via email. Registration links to the remaining introductory events are listed below. Click the registration link to choose from multiple options:
Introduction to PACEs Connection

Pick Up the CRC Accelerator Certification Program Where You Left Off,

Review a brief description of each event and this certification overview.

➤ Look out for the dedicated CRC newsletter with a list of event registration links.

➤ If you haven’t seen the list of events, you may want to check your bulk folder. Email if you haven’t received the list of events.

What 2023 CRC Participants Have to Say About the Accelerator

Hearing about the systemic changes that are already taking place in some schools gives me hope that this is truly a movement that is gaining ground.” —CRC participant

Such knowledgeable presenters; full of energy, resources, and excellent information on programs taking place across the country.” Zareen Hasan

This training is fantastic for connecting dots and getting the wheels turning about how to effectively implement a PACES lens into the work your non-profit might already be doing. This training has left me with myriad ideas about the intersections at which I can plan to implement opportunities for youth resilience. Both the curriculum and pedagogy were top-notch. Kate Brennan, Director of Strategic Growth, Philadelphia City Rowing

Join the PACEs Movement

School shootings have had a devastating impact on communities worldwide. The psychological toll on students, teachers, and families is immense, leading to fear, trauma, and grief. These tragic events erode the sense of safety and security in educational institutions, hindering learning and academic performance. They also fuel debates on gun control, mental health, and the role of media. Preventing school shootings requires comprehensive strategies, including early intervention, improved security measures, and addressing the underlying causes of violence. Although this is our reality, we, as a society, have experienced much adversity and have created solutions for change many times. We know that we can see positive impacts and outcomes now and in the future.

That is why...On October 4th, 11th, and 18th, PACEs Connection will gather experts for a three-day series on Addressing the Epidemic of School Shootings. Each day of the series will address prevention, impact, and response. Sessions take place from 12:00 - 5:00 pm (ET).

Learn more and register for PACEs Connection: Addressing the Epidemic of School Shootings

CRC members, check the dedicated CRC October newsletter for a 15% off promo code for PACEs Connection: Addressing the Epidemic of School Shootings.

As a Part of the PACEs Movement, It’s Raining Gratitude!

We are especially excited to acknowledge Jessica Anakar and others who have recently completed the CRC! Jessica says, “The resources and education provided by this series paves the way forward for anyone working with impacted and vulnerable populations.” Congratulations!

A congratulations to Cassey Chang, LCSW, CHC, who also recently completed the CRC says, “I learned about organizational and community-based practices and approaches. I also learned new frameworks, such as RYSE Foundation framework.”

PACEs Connection is grateful that you’re as passionate about trauma-informed awareness and heart-centered resilience building through a PACEs lens as we are. Our science is for everyone who wants to create, grow, and sustain resilient communities. We also know access matters. Thanks to the generosity of grants, Genentech sponsorship, and partners, the *CRC* Accelerator certification program is FREE. Pay it forward through this Click-to-Tweet link we created to make it easier to promote the CRC or share the CRC with your communities and workplaces.

Email Kahshanna Evans, Director of the CRC with any questions, at any time. The consultant staff at PACEs Connection look forward to seeing you soon!

About the author: Kahshanna Evans brings her passion for uniting people through stories and trauma-informed awareness to her role as the Director of Creating Resilient Communities at PACEs Connection. Kahshanna has been a leading strategic thinker in various industries, including communications, tech, professional services, and wellness.

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