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Beyond ACES Summit: The Impact of Race, Culture, and Poverty Social Media Toolkit

The Beyond ACES Summit: The Impact of Race, Culture, and Poverty registration is LIVE! 
The summit theme is #MovingBeyondACES (adverse childhood experiences). This year is historically significant because it marks the 400th anniversary of the arrival of enslaved Africans to Virginia. It was also a time that marked significant trauma. The summit touches on many different aspects of life and history. It was showcase the heartfelt talent of youth through dance and movement, music, theatre and poetry. The summit will culminate with food, an artistic showcase, field day activities and conversations around race and unity. Vendors will fill the  marketplace with items that speak to self care and knowledge that entertains all age groups! 
The Summit is now open for online registration through Virginia Tech.  Register before July 10 to take advantage of our early bird special. 
We need your help spreading the word. 
We need you to LIKE the Southside Trauma-Informed Community Network Facebook Page! Press GOING on our #MovingBeyondACES Summit Event Page. Register and get your ticket NOW! 
1. SHARE on Social Media 2. Email information to your friends and listservs! 3. Announce the summit at your meetings 4. Record yourself telling your organization's story or your story of becoming trauma-informed, tag our Facebook page using the hashtag #MovingBeyondACES 5. Invite your friends to join the #MovingBeyondACES movement by seeing you at the summit! 
Use your #MovingBeyondACES Social Media Toolkit! Here is a shortened registration link: 
On Facebook! 
  • We are #MovingBeyondACES! This year marks the 400th anniversary of the arrival of enslaved Africans in Virginia. The Impact of Race, Culture & Poverty will be discussed at the summit. We hope to see you there! Get your ticket NOW. @SouthsideTICN
  • 19% of children have 2 or more ACES. Join the community in #MovingBeyondACES at the Beyond ACES: The Impact of Race, Culture, & Poverty Summit! Get your ticket now @SouthsideTICN
  • Adversity is common. Help us spread awareness in #MovingBeyondACES at the Beyond ACES Summit through dance, movement, music, theatre, and poetry! Get your ticket now! @SouthsideTICN
  • We are a community #MovingBeyondACES. Join children, families, professionals over food, art, and conversations around race and unity. Get your ticket now @SouthsideTICN
On Twitter! 
  • Are you #MovingBeyondACES? Join the movement at the Beyond ACES Summit! Get your ticket NOW!
  • SAVE THE DATE! August 8th and 9th. We will see you at the Beyond ACES Summit! Together, we are #MovingBeyondACES. Get your ticket NOW!
  • Need CEUs? Spend the day joining the community in #MovingBeyondACES over food, art, fun field day activities for kids, and conversations around race and unity. Get your ticket NOW!
  • Get YOUTH involved! Have them join us in #MovingBeyondACES over art, poetry, music, movement, dance, food, and conversations around race and unity. Get your ticket NOW!
  • Meet the community! Together, we are all #MovingBeyondACES. Join youth, families, professionals, and the community as they feature marketplace items that address self care and knowledge to entertain all age groups! Get your Beyond ACES Summit ticket NOW!
On all Outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN, or emails to listservs! 
  • Use our Beyond ACES Summit messaging! 
  • RECORD a short 15 to 45 second video telling you and/or your organization's story of how you are #MovingBeyondACES. Connect it to our summit hashtag! Post and tag the @SouthsideTICN page (if using Facebook). 
  • Example of language for videos: 41% of children have had at least one ACES! We are #MovingBeyondACES. I will be at the Beyond ACES Summit on August 8th and 9th! Will you? Get your ticket NOW at this link!
Like, Comment, Share all @SouthsideTICN postings. Help create a buzz on the events page by commenting and pressing the GOING button! Invite friends to attend the Beyond ACES Summit. FWD this email to your friends and partners.
Dr. Camara JonesDr. Helga LuestDr. Joy DeGruyDr. Marleen WongIvan JuzangJavier SanchezJonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
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  • Dr. Camara Jones
  • Dr. Helga Luest
  • Dr. Joy DeGruy
  • Dr. Marleen Wong
  • Ivan Juzang
  • Javier Sanchez
  • Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

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