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Bounce Coalition (KY)

Bounce is a coalition of community partners working together to build the resiliency of children, adults, and families by improving knowledge about the impact of ACEs and the skills to help people bounce back from adversity. We do this by: educating and training; measuring impact; and advocating for policies that support trauma-informed communities.

Goodwill of Kentucky Collaborates with Bounce for Customized Trauma-Informed Care Trainings


With the help of the Bounce Coalition, Goodwill of Kentucky recently undertook an initiative to bring trauma-informed care training to its roughly 1,400 employees.

In November, Bounce launched a new initiative with Goodwill that allowed the organizations to work together to customize Bounce foundational training curricula to more appropriately fit the goals of the organization and the needs of its employees and clients.

A small, diverse cohort of Goodwill staff took part in a two-day training with Bounce on its foundational modules: Bounce 101: Intro to ACEs and Trauma-Informed Principles and Bounce 102: Building Resilience. After each session, staff took part in focus groups to provide feedback on the training content and inform changes to the curricula to make it more applicable to the goals and needs of the organization.

Bounce and Goodwill then worked collaboratively to customize the content based on focus group feedback. The result were two engaging, hands-on training modules that focused on developing self-care and resilience-building skills amongst Goodwill employees.

In an effort to create sustainability within the organization, seven Goodwill leaders attended the three-day Bounce University: Train the Trainer program in May to learn how to teach the curricula. These seven Bounce Certified Trainers are now able to roll-out these customized trainings to other Goodwill employees.

For more information on Bounce trainings and customizations, check out The Bounce Coalition’s Training page.

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