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August 2019

The Who, How, and What of Leadership… and where trauma-informed fits in.

Are we born leaders or is it a skill that we cultivate? Strong leadership is a lot like resiliency. Although we can be born with qualities that may make it a little easier, it develops in relationship with others. It is truly cultivated by building our individual skills, having the support of others, and being willing to do our own work. Being a leader means you know Who you are, you get that How you do the work matters, and you are intentional about What you do. Combining these three...

Trauma-Informed Organizational Assessments

Hi all** - Attached is a document with a list of trauma-informed organizational assessments that the Greater Richmond TICN has been working on for a while. When we began looking for information about helping organizations to become trauma-informed, we started with searching for assessment measures. We have always started from the place that many organizations and professionals are already doing many things that are trauma-informed and wanted to make sure to assess what areas were presenting...

Trauma-Informed Social Justice: Q&A with Dr. Bukuloa Ogunkua

Cissy's Note: I work with people who challenge systems and policies, who reform or start non-profits, and who see hope and promise where others see despair or destruction. While some folks shake their heads or shrug indifferently in the face of injustice and suffering, others organize, mobilize, and channel their time and energy towards making a change. Maybe a physician hosts an annual conference bringing trauma-informed approaches to medical practice. Perhaps a woman shares ACEs 101...

Webinar Slides and Recording: Building Resilient Communities with Elaine Miller-Karas

Recorded live August 8, 2019. Find the slides attached below. The 1 hour video recording can be found on our YouTube channel: Speaker: Elaine Miller-Karas, MSW, LCSW, Executive Director and Co-founder, Trauma Resource Institute. Host: Carey Sipp, Southeast Community Facilitator, ACEs Connection. Webinar Description: This webinar will explore integrating a biological based model to reduce the impacts of toxic stress for children and adults. It is a model both for...

Japan's first severely disabled lawmakers join parliament [BBC News]

August 2, 2019 BBC News Two politicians have taken their seats in Japan's parliament as the first lawmakers with severe disabilities. Yasuhiko Funago and Eiko Kimura are both largely paralysed and rely on carers for their physical needs. Their election last month has been seen as major step for representation and the visibility of disabled people in Japan. The upper house underwent special modifications to allow for their access. After entering through the main gate of the National Diet via...

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