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December 2020

Stress? Mental Health 2021 New Year’s Resolutions

Stress? Mental Health 2021 New Year’s Resolutions Mornings, ask “What’s right about my life? Afternoons, ask others “What can I do to show you how much I care?” Evenings, ask “How relaxed can I feel right now?” Dreaming, ask “How can I make the world a better place?” Remember that you can always reach “out” for more resources: Teachers = VEBA Parents = ACEsConnection Remember that you can always reach “in” for more resources, as well: Inner Doctor = ACE Study’s Dr. Vincent Felitti discusses...

New Episode of Transforming Trauma : Celebrating the First Year of Transforming Trauma with Sarah Buino and Brad Kammer

T ransforming Trauma Episode 032: Celebrating the First Year of Transforming Trauma with Sarah Buino and Brad Kammer In this special year-end episode celebrating the first year anniversary of the Transforming Trauma podcast, our host Sarah Buino and NARM Senior Trainer Brad Kammer reflect on this first year of Transforming Trauma! Brad shares that when the NARM Training Institute was founded in 2018, the intention was “to do our part in bringing trauma-informed work to so many individuals,...

New Book Integrates Trauma-informed Practices For End-of-Life Care

The pandemic has forced professionals and their organizations to practice without a relevant playbook. Reactive attention to suffering for high volumes of critically ill patients many with limited chance of survival, have replaced proactive dialogues on pain relief, symptom management, and quality of life. Trauma-informed practices have never been more vital to understand and render across populations.

Healthcare providers learn skills to prevent burnout, build resilience

It’s an enormous understatement to say that healthcare workers today are suffering. Every day, you hear interviews with nurses, physicians, social workers, and others in healthcare saying they’re pushed to the breaking point and beyond. But, by using skills taught in the Community Resiliency Mode l (CRM), even people under severe stress can weather the onslaught, do their work, and get along with colleagues. CRM is an evidence-based training program that’s being used by millions of people in...

Whole People Film Discussion on Tuesday, December 15th at 7p.m. EST

ACEs Connection, the Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy & Practice ( CTIPP), and the Relentless School Nurse will be hosting a Zoom discussion on Tuesday, Dec, 15th at 7p.m. EST about parts 1, 2, and 3 of Whole People. We hope you can join us: Pre-Registration Link Quotes from Childhood Trauma (Part 1 of Whole People): If you have yet to watch the Whole People series, you can still do so by visiting the PBS website. There is no cost to watch. 101 | Childhood Trauma | 102 | Healing...

Whole People Watch Weekend on ACEs Connection (Dec. 11th - 13th)

The Transform Trauma with ACEs Sciences FREE Film Festival continues this weekend. Please join us to watch parts 1, 2, and 3 of the PBS Whole People series at your convenience, on ACEs Connection, by clicking play on the videos below: Whole People | 101 | Childhood Trauma | Episode 1 (27 min) Preview: Whole People | 102 | Healing Communities | Preview | Episode 2 Whole People | 102 |Healing Communities Episode 2 (27 min) Whole People | 103 |A New Response | Episode 3 (27 min) This is one of...

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