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New Resource in Trauma-Informed Design!


Interested in Trauma-Informed Design concepts, but don't know where to begin?

Check out this new website!



Trauma informed design used to be a nicety, now it is a necessity.

Businesses now have to deal with the wellbeing of its employees like never before.


Seeing a need for a unified location to showcase the amazing work of designers, psychologists, educators, architects, and other professionals in the trauma-informed design world, the website was launched by a coalition of inclusive and wellness designer and human services policy professionals.

"We focus on creating a virtual space where the latest trauma-informed design research, case studies and examples can be collected, shared and amplified."

The site will serve as a clearinghouse for resources and ideas in this emerging field.

Check it out!

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It's great to see such a close-knit team of professionals. For me, web design has always been something distant incomprehensible. Although in my environment, many people are engaged in this. I recently needed to prepare gifts for their professional holiday, and this source helped me with gift ideas I think I managed to surprise my friends.

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