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California PACEs Connection Members: We'd Like to Learn More About Your PACEs Initiative Impact


PACEs Connection is known as the information resource for PACEs science and has become the hub of the PACEs movement. We’ve reached 60K members and 450+ communities, all made of individuals, organizations, systems, and communities integrating healing-centered, trauma-informed practices based on PACEs science. As a thriving global social network, we’ve expanded to support ATR (adversity, resilience and/or trauma) communities and organizations over the last several years for our California membership base that makes up nearly 18% of our global members combined (that's over 10K people!).

California is transforming the PACEs movement, and we’re excited about it!

According to a recent report from ACEs Aware, “Medi-Cal clinicians – primarily pediatric, family medicine, and behavioral health professionals – conducted 2,040,870 ACE screenings of 1,390,300 unique Medi-Cal members between January 1, 2020, and December 31, 2022. Eighty-two percent of all screenings conducted were of members ages 0 to 20, 5% of whom had an ACE score of four or greater, indicating a high risk for toxic stress, and 18% of all screenings conducted were of members ages 21 to 64, 15% of whom had an ACE score of four or greater.”

California, we need your voice to grow our free PACEs educational programs.

At PACEs Connection, we are interested in the interplay between positive and adverse childhood experiences. Research has shown us that many sectors, including healthcare, benefit from beginning PACEs initiatives with ACEs education to get to the root issue of adversities while other sectors, including education, benefit from focusing interventions on positive childhood experiences and environments (PCEs) to build resilience. Ultimately, the evidence of ACEs—adverse childhood experiences, adverse climate events, adverse community experiences, and atrocious cultural experiences—and PCEs, positive childhood experiences and environments aids in transforming organizations, systems, and policies.

Thanks to the generosity of grants, sponsorship, and partners, PACEs Connection has provided free and fee-based services. In an effort to keep our free programs accessible to California during a critical time in the PACEs movement, we'd like to learn more about the role PACEs Connection programs have played in your California PACEs initiatives and the impact of your programs. Has there been a short term impact? Long term impact? A paradigm shift? Have there been some a-ha moments? We'd like to know all about it!

California PACEs members, please take a moment to fill our survey.

California PACEs members, take the survey here

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How PACEs Connection Members Can Sign Up for our FREE Programs:

  1. Visit our official Creating Resilient Communities *CRC* Accelerator certification program page. Click the “Get Started Now” button for a list of dates for Introduction to PACEs Connection, the program prerequisite.
  2. Visit our official CRC Fellowship program page.
  3. Join our Growing Resilient Communities *GRC* Global Working Group.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of PACEs Connection for FREE, join here.

About the author: Kahshanna Evans brings her passion for uniting people through stories and trauma-informed awareness to her role as the Director of Creating Resilient Communities at PACEs Connection. Kahshanna has been a leading strategic thinker in various industries, including communications, tech, professional services, and wellness.

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