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PACEs in Pediatrics

Due Tommorrow! Trauma-informed Aces Screening & Intervention Evaluation (TASIE) Demonstration Project []


According to the National Survey of Childrenโ€™s Health, 34.8 million children across the United States are impacted by ACEs. ACEs are exposures in childhood to abuse, neglect, parental incarceration, divorce, or domestic violence that have been shown to affect virtually every domain in which a child functions. ACEs are associated with health impairment across the life course and are strongly related to the prevalence of numerous health problems (Felitti, et. al, 1998).

The Trauma-informed ACEs Screening & Intervention Evaluation (TASIE) Project ECHOยฎ (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) Demonstration Project is conducted in partnership with the:

This project utilizes a toxic stress framework to integrate ACEs screening, and trauma-informed strengths-based interventions that will change the standard of pediatric primary care that recognizes the impact of ACEs on health and effectively treats toxic stress in children. This work builds on content and lessons learned from CYWs previous Pilot Site Program cohorts and other similar projects. The Center for Community Health and Evaluation (CCHE)  will evaluate the demonstration project.  CCHE served as evaluator of the Pilot Site Program and is currently the evaluator for California ACEs Learning and Quality Improvement Collaborative (CALQIC).

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