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Trauma Informed School Systems for Crisis Recovery and Renewal

As school systems continue to navigate uncertainty on a variety of fronts, the impacts of these challenges will continue to be felt by students and staff. This two hour workshop provides school staff an awareness of stress, trauma, and grief, their impacts on students, teachers and schools, as well as ways to effectively address them through the lens of recovery and renewal.

Learning Goals

By the end of the of the session, we enhance our skills by:

  • Differentiating between stress, trauma and grief, and connecting those concepts to our  personal and professional experiences in school communities navigating the pandemic and other crisis events.
  • Identifying ways socio-cultural trauma can impact other types of stress, trauma, and grief, as well as ways that socio-cultural relationships like community and culture can support healing- within and in the ecosystems of schools.
  • Applying the principles of school crisis recovery and renewal to educator pedagogical practice, classroom environment, school site and system leadership, and larger school culture.

Note: this workshop is designed with the assumption that participants are entering with a baseline understanding of trauma & resilience & trauma informed care.

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