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Mending Our Wounds: Recovering from School Crisis through Art & Ritual

Mending Our Wounds: Recovering from School Crisis through Art & Ritual

Join the School Crisis Recovery & Renewal project to end the school year and start the summer by centering our recovery.

This full-day virtual institute focuses on our joy and healing as we hold collective loss. Offering repeated workshops (morning and afternoon), our programming is rooted in knowing that grief is love made visible.

We hope to share and learn rituals focused on art and movement that support recovery and renewal after and through school crises. 

Join us on June 3, 2021 as we explore storytelling and coherent narrative construction, movement and embodiment, visual art, music, and more.

Institute Goals

  1. Provide an opportunity for educators and other school professionals to learn new ways in which they can utilize ritual to recover and renew to support their community after a big thing (crisis event).
  2. Create a safe, generative, and regulating experience for educators, school-based mental health providers, and people who tend to the emotional well-being of youth.
  3. Engage participants in evidence based, art centered, ritual activities that positively impact the process of recovery and renewal after a crisis.
  4. Support participants in imagining new ways to incorporate ritual and art into their personal practice in crisis recovery.

Who Is This For?

School based professionals including instructors, administrators, community-based organizations/school partners, caregivers, and you!

Continuing Education Hours Available

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