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PACEs in the Criminal Justice System

Discussion and sharing of resources in working with clients involved in the criminal justice system and how screening for and treating ACEs will lead to successful re-entry of prisoners into the community and reduced recidivism for former offenders.

Proposition 47 and Racial Disparities in California []


From Public Policy Institute of California, June 16, 2020

About the Program

While the COVID-19 pandemic has required changes to law enforcement and correctional policies, widespread protests over the police-involved deaths of African Americans have intensified concern about racial and ethnic disparities in our criminal justice system. In recent years, California has implemented significant reforms that, while not motivated by racial disparities, are narrowing them. PPIC researcher Brandon Martin will outline new findings on Prop 47’s impact and a panel of experts will discuss a wide range of criminal justice issues in California.

This research and event are supported with funding from Arnold Ventures.

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