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PACEs in Early Childhood

April 2020

Guidance for Teachers and Counselors to Help Kids at Risk at Home

People are beginning to be aware that one result of the increased stress around COVID-19 is the tragic fact that child abuse and neglect is increasing, but the safety net provided by schools is no longer in place. Teachers and counselors can continue to be a hero to students in this time of crisis, and can help mitigate the negative impact of traumatic events and stress. Caregivers might not be able to do it alone. We (Dr. Rachel Gilgoff, a child abuse pediatrician and trauma expert, and...

How California's stay-at-home order disrupts services for young children []

By Zaidee Stavely, EdSource, April 23, 2020 The stay-at-home order has upended some of California’s most crucial educational and health services for infants and toddlers — home visits and early intervention services — at a time when families may need them the most. Home visiting programs send nurses, social workers and other trained professionals to the homes of low-income parents to give health and early education advice. They also help children meet milestones, like crawling, picking up...

Diverse communities, common needs

From Ben York, Parent Powered, April 16, 2020 Each community is different, but many of our challenges providing ongoing family engagement during school closures are the same. We at Ready4K have learned that early childhood educators have common needs: "Easy to understand and low cost learning activities that parents will complete with their kids when we are not there or even when parents don't answer their phones" (Iowa) "Encouraging families to understand their role as their child's first...

COVID-19 and State Child Care Assistance Programs []

From CLASP, April 8, 2020 The bipartisan Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which was passed by Congress and enacted on March 27, 2020, includes resources specifically targeted to individuals and families with low incomes affected by the public health and economic crises. The package includes a number of provisions of particular importance to children and families and those who work with them, including policymakers and other stakeholders in child care and early...

ACEs Champion Julie Kurtz Gives Every Child (and Adult) a Voice

Julie Kurtz hasn’t stopped creating ways to build and promote resilience in herself and others who have experienced trauma since she left her family home for college at age 18. Although she experienced four types of adversity during her childhood, the CEO of the Center for Optimal Brain Integration has traveled a complex journey to mitigate those adversities by recognizing her own internal resilience, building skills to buffer her toxic and traumatic stress, uncovering her voice through...

Time to Come In, Bear: A Children's Story About Social Distancing []

By Kim St. Lawrence, YouTube, March 23, 2020 Note from the author: No children's story should be written in a weekend, but I wanted to get this out while social distancing is so important for prevention. We're in awe of parents who are navigating this new normal with their littles and hope this will help to start a dialogue or provide comfort in uncertain times. [ Please click here for video .]

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