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PACEs in Early Childhood

Some Thoughts on Oprah (


Laura Dennis wrote about why so many adoptive parents, as well as teachers, survivors, and advocates, were glued to the TV last night. Here's an excerpt:

Yes, I’m talking about that Oprah. Specifically, her 60 Minutes segment and online followup about childhood trauma. I’m not especially given to following celebrities, not even when they support causes I believe in. But last night, I was glued first to my TV, then my computer screen. This time a celebrity was speaking straight into the beating heart of my life.

You see, as I write, two of my three kids are being treated for early childhood trauma. One, whose issues are more severe, is 16. The other is 21. Both suffered traumas that raised their ACE scores to dangerous levels before I ever met them. They weren’t even old enough to start school.

I’ve been advocating for these kids since day 1 with a ferocity that once led my students to nickname me Mama Puma. I fought for them before I even knew what I was fighting for, back when all I knew is that something wasn’t right, before I’d heard of RAD, developmental trauma, ACE scores, or anything of that ilk.

Now I live and breathe these terms like I breathe today’s unseasonably cold March air. I have a tribe of family, professionals, and friends who live and breathe them too. And yet, so many days, it felt, still feels, like no one hears.

Enter Oprah. 

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