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September 2023


Being devastated by the loss of a loved one to suicide can leave you with crippling emotions of remorse and shame. When you are a member of the Black community, which frequently has particular difficulties and stigmas related to mental health and suicide, these emotions can become even more complicated. According to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in November 2021, the suicide rate in the United States as a whole dropped by 3% in 2020, but has risen...

Disability Inclusion Benefits Everyone (

A group of people representing a range of disabilities and various races, ethnicities, ages, and genders cross a bridge made of speech bubbles to demonstrate how continued conversation and commitment support inclusion and accessibility. Photo credit: Gracia Lam. To read more of Javier Robles article, please click here. EDITOR’S NOTE: We all want to live in communities where everyone has a fair and just opportunity to thrive, and disability rights advocate Javier Robles has been dismantling...

Alliance with Black Churches Closes Care Gaps for Aging People []

AC Care Alliance care navigator Nikki High, left, visits with a client family at her home in Gardena, California. Photo: Harrison Hill By Heather Stringer, California Health Care Foundation, August 25, 2023 Leslie Arnold’s 87-year-old mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease 10 years ago, and caring for her has become increasingly difficult as the disease has progressed. Sometimes his mother is resistant to changing out of soiled clothes or going to bed, and she stays up reorganizing...

Mediating Effects of Perceived Burdensomeness on the Relation Between Depressive Symptoms and Suicide Ideation in a Community Sample of Older Adults

Many individuals agree that the suicide rates for older adults age 60 and above continue to increase. There are many aspects of life that determine the thought of suicide in older patients. Depression is a significant cause of suicide, as this population is unable to enjoy life as a result of burdensome health issues, reoccurring death, and the lack of independence and respect. Providers should taken into consideration the physical and mental aspects of providing services to older adults...

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