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March 2021

Alfred White and Dr. Veronique Mead on TLOEP's Sunday Night's Real Talk!

"We're a nation that needs hope and healing" - Alfred White Are you someone who has experienced adversity in your life such as addiction, chronic stress, homelessness, incarceration, or other trauma? On March 28th, listen in on a Conversation with Dr. Veronique Mead on Sunday Nights with Alfred White: Real Talk Health and Wellness for the BIPOC Community. Dr. Mead is the founder of Chronic Illness Trauma Studies and her work has been life-saving for Alfred's health. Join us on TLOEP's...

Resources for Teaching About Race and Racism With The New York Times []

A curated collection of over 75 lesson plans, writing prompts, short films and graphs relating to racism and racial justice. By Nicole Daniels , Michael Gonchar and Natalie Proulx March 4, 2021 The summer of 2020 was not the first time that urgent conversations about race and racism were happening in homes, classrooms and workplaces. But the energy of the Black Lives Matter protests, believed by many to be the largest in U.S. history , was unparalleled. Though the demands and chants may have...

Dismantling Racism & All The Other Isms (Thursday Sessions)

Registration for the event is at the link below. This is the Thursday session that runs from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm on March 11th, 18th, 25th, April 1st. Join the conversation with DiDi Delgado, Debby Irving, Fiyah Angel, Nandi K., and Dr. Shamell Bell for an interactive class & discussion forum on dismantling oppression in this current era of resistance. Don't miss the last version of the live class Discussion topics will include: • Practicing Anti-Racism • Which Black Person Do I Follow...

Counselor shares her lifelong vision for helping people in CTC series []

By Erin Eskew, Killen Daily Herald, February 28, 2021 From childhood, Shawnnell Batiste was inspired to help people and expressed a desire to become a child psychiatrist. “Most people would say, I was an empath,” Batiste said. “I tended to draw people to me who needed help. If you can help, help, and if you can’t, just listen” Born and raised in Louisiana — primarily New Orleans but also in Shreveport — Batiste pursues her dream of helping people feel heard and understood. [ Please click...

Sunday Nights with Alfred White: Real Talk Health and Wellness for the BIPOC Community

Join Alfred White, founder and owner of The League of Extraordinary People, on Sunday nights for real talk about health and wellness for the BIPOC Community! Learn about how to heal from trauma, adversity, and chronic stress. Alfred will be going LIVE on the TLOEP Facebook page ! Here is the link to the Facebook and Instagram . On March 7th, Alfred will introduce viewers to TLOEP and our guiding principles. On March 14th, Alfred will lead viewers in an exploration of The Set Up: Living with...

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