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October 2020

Funding opportunity: COO Black Led Systems and Policy Change

Proposals are due by Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 5 P.M. (PST). Communities of Opportunity (COO) commits $725,000 to system and policy change projects led by and for Black communities in King County. Eligible partnerships of Black-led (including African descent and diaspora) organizations working on systems and policy change in Black communities may apply for funding through this Request for Proposals. Organizations must apply in partnerships of two or more working towards a common outcome.

Black Resilience in Colorado (BRIC)

By LaDawn Sullivan, Director of Leadership & Equity, . Established in June, the Black Resilience in Colorado (BRIC) Fund directs resources to address systemic racism and its impact on Black communities across the seven-county Metro Denver region. The Black Resilience in Colorado (BRIC) Fund application is now closed. Decisions on funding and grant awards will be made in mid-October. [ Please click here to read more ]

Amy Coney Barrett’s ‘Happy Go Lucky’ Haitian Children and the White Savior Narrative (Ms Magazine)

By Regine Jean-Charles, October 21, 2020, Ms Magazine. When Amy Coney Barrett described her children, it gave me chills—but not for the reasons most might expect. Despite the national political drama that is swirling, in many ways, last week’s Senate hearings to approve Justice Amy Coney Barrett were uneventful—especially in comparison to the confirmation hearings that took place two years ago for Brett Kavanaugh . But for me, as a Haitian American scholar who writes about representations of...

Why cultural safety rather than cultural competency is required to achieve health equity: a literature review and recommended definition (International Journal for Equity and Health)

Curtis, E., Jones, R., Tipene-Leach, D. et al. Why cultural safety rather than cultural competency is required to achieve health equity: a literature review and recommended definition. Int J Equity Health 18, 174 (2019). Abstract Background Eliminating indigenous and ethnic health inequities requires addressing the determinants of health inequities which includes institutionalised racism, and ensuring a health care system that delivers appropriate...

Black Trans Lives Matter: Activists call for inclusion in racial justice movement (

Joslyn Allen, Jaslene Busanet and Eden Estrada weren't fearing for their safety after a night out on Hollywood Boulevard in mid-August. The three friends, all popular influencers on Instagram, were exiting a store in the early hours of Aug. 17 when cellphone video caught a violent, unprovoked attack against them. Activists across the country have marched in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement since the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in late May, sparking...

Emotional Sobriety Continuum of Care Book Club

Join us for a deep dive into Tian Dayton's book Emotional Sobriety. We will utilize both the book and workbook - available online for ordering - for this long-term Continuum of Care series. Starting in November 2020 , we will read one chapter a month. TLOEP Founder, Licensed Mental Health Therapist, and Subject Matter Expert, Alfred White, will lead us in discussion asynchronously on our Facebook TLOEP Book Club group and in once-a-month live conversations. You can expect to experience a...

COVID, ACES, and Radical Self-Care

COVID, ACES and Radical Self-Care Dr. LateshIa Woodley, LPC, NCC & Alexis Kelly, MPA COVID Thursday, March 13, 2020, I woke up thinking I love my life, I have the best job in the world, I get to wake up every day and strive to make a difference in the lives of students and families. Little did I know that a few hours later my life, the lives of my family, and the lives of the families that I serve would forever be changed due to the COVID pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, I was leading...

Read Their Words. Hear Them Speak. (

How do we — the artists, the writers, the ones who are so used to squaring off with the worst of ourselves, our world, our humanity — find a language suitable for our current state of disaster, which is almost biblical in its force and Shakespearean in its unfolding? The 10 young Black writers in this project — talented poets from Oakland, Houston, St. Louis, Chicago, New York, Nashville, New Orleans and Los Angeles — are using the tools at their disposal, whatever they have. There’s the...

We Need More Entrepreneurs Building Companies That Address Society’s Biggest Needs (HBR)

By October 5, 2020, Harvard Business Review. 2020 is the year the world’s attention turned to the deep fractures of our economic, political, educational, and healthcare systems. The year when status quo solutions were no longer good enough. For all the declarations of being “in this together,” the dual pandemics of Covid-19 and systemic racism have revealed how low-income communities and people of color are disproportionately left out, let down, and punished by our systems. The death of...

Food Insecurity and the Risk of Obesity, Depression, and Self-Rated Health in Women (Women’s Health Report)

By Sydney K. Willis,1,* Sara E. Simonsen,2 Rachael B. Hemmert,2 Jami Baayd,2 Kathleen B. Digre,3 and Cathleen D. Zick4. Women’s Health Reports Volume 1.1, 2020 DOI: 10.1089/whr.2020.0049 Accepted May 21, 2020. Abstract Background/Introduction/Objective: Recent studies have shown that food insecurity is associated with obe- sity, depression, and other adverse health outcomes although little research has been focused on these relation- ships in underrepresented cultural and social groups. In...

Alabama Gov. Apologizes To Surviving '5th Girl' Of 1963 KKK Bombing (

Sarah Collins Rudolph was 12 years old when the explosion of a bomb, planted by the Ku Klux Klan, ripped through the basement of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., in 1963. Her sister and three other young girls were killed by the dynamite blast, and although she survived, she lost an eye and was hospitalized for months. Since then, the medical bills and the trauma of that violent Sunday have haunted her. On Tuesday, after 57 years, 15 days and multiple pleas for an apology...

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