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January 2022

Black History Month 2K22- NEW Trainings!

In Honor of Black History Month 2k22 Please Enjoy the Following NEW Trainings: Facilitating a Full Expression of Resilience: BIPOC are resilient. In learning how trauma is formed and passed from one generation to the next in our communities, we will understand how to facilitate a full expression of resilience in vulnerable communities. This course takes a deep dive into the reality of flight or fight mode and how many people enduring oppression, discrimination and hate live with a constant...

Join Us! Upcoming events honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., beginning on January 18th we will be hosting a number of events aimed at building The Beloved community. The National Day of Racial Healing offers us an opportunity to reflect upon the principles set forth by Dr. King . We welcome all to join us as we learn from our shared humanity to address the historic and contemporary effects of racism. Use the attached flyer to register for these events!

A Letter to Black and Indigenous Autistic Teens (

Dear Young Black Autistics, Hey, friends. I’m a mixed-race Black and Indigenous young adult. I write to you today as someone who was recently your age, and perhaps dealing with struggles not unlike your own. You may notice that you are different from others in how you think, how you see things, and perhaps how you move, too. Racism and Ableism Colors All Our Relationships Our parents have more stress about autism because they already worry about us being killed by police or accused of a...

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