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With rolling protest, Black Montrealers denounce the challenge of 'driving while Black' (CBC News)


By Claire Loewen, July 6, 2020, CBC News.

Convoys of luxury and other vehicles driven by Black drivers hit the streets of Montreal Sunday as part of a demonstration to denounce racial profiling, and to bring awareness to the phenomenon of "driving while Black," in which members of the Black community are frequently stopped by police. 

Kenrick McRae, whose racial profiling complaint led to a police ethics committee decision in December that found two Montreal officers acted unlawfully when they detained and arrested him, participated in the demonstration. He said he's been stopped by police so many times in Montreal, it's like a routine. 

The report found there were "significant, widespread and persistent disproportions" of racialized people who are stopped by police officers, and pointed to the "presence of systemic biases" linked to race during police interventions.


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