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Michigan mothers band together to help keep Black children with autism safe (Click on Detroit)


By Kim DeGiulio, and Dane Kelly, August 6, 2020, ClickonDetroit.

DETROIT – During this period, many parents of color have had tough conversations with their children. For some, that conversation is even trickier as their children are living with autism.

Some parents have banded together to help keep their children safe.

Camille Proctor learned that her son Ari had autism in 2008 and immediately sought out support groups to help guide her.

“There were no support groups that could identify with some of the things that I, as an African-American parent, would have to go through,” Proctor said.

“I would always ask the question ‘What’s going to happen when he’s like 14 and he’s six feet tall?’ He’s almost there now,” Proctor said. “He doesn’t understand how to yield, how to communicate properly with authority figures like the police.”

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