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After her incarceration ‘broke’ son, this woman created non-profit to support children of offenders (


By Roy S. Johnson, December 4, 2020,

Danielle Lacey Chavers rolled the dice. Though she didn’t fully grasp the depth of the consequences.

Not even as she rounded the corner inside a gated Trace Crossings community in Hoover and saw a fire truck leaving the cul-de-sac where her family lived. Or as she saw an ambulance and a phalanx of police cars in front of their home. Or realized it was a drug raid.

The oldest of Chavers’s two sons, Jeremy, a teenager who had picked his younger brother Jacob up from school that afternoon, was face down on the lawn, handcuffed behind his back. At one juncture, as the home was being searched, Jacob, then just five years old, asked one of the officers: “Are you here to kill us? Why do you have guns?

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