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Trauma-Responsive New Zealand

November 2020

Protected Factor Framework ~ Free introductory webinar

I attended the Protected Factors Framework Introduction webinar with Elizabeth Smith from Project Whole Child. It was a very good presentation. Very interactive, great video clip and great slides There is another free webinar - closing date Wednesday 16 December USA time Places are limited I recommend that you register for this if you want to know more about what you can do to strengthen families. The Protected Factors Framework is an approach ~ a way of viewing the world When we change the...

INSPIRE TECHNICAL PACKAGE ~ Free introductory webinar

Violence affects up to 1 in 2 children every year, with devastating acute and long-term consequences. Yet, we know that violence can be prevented, we have the tools to do so, and SDG Target 16.2 calls for ending violence against children. The INSPIRE: Seven strategies for ending violence against children technical package is a collection of evidence-based recommendations on how to prevent and respond to violence against children, including I mplementation and enforcement laws; N orms and...

We frame the way we "see" the world ~ it reflects who we are

When I was very young I sat with my grandma She was bed-ridden So she always asked me to tell her what I could see in detail For HER She would ask me questions She changed The way I saw EVERYTHING I now know why I can see the finer details and that I frame what I see to reflect All that I AM I saw this blog from Jodi Wert on her blog, Wert Knowing And it reminded me of my Grandma We frame the way we "see" the world I like the way you frame the world of children's learning Thank you, @Jodi Wert

The body keeps the score

Oh dear, it is 1.47 am in the morning I can't lie in my bed I can't sleep Because I am scared of the bogeyman Oh No The bogeyman under my bed Has jumped into my head And he is not a he He is a she And she looks like me Oh No I can't escape She is me! The body keeps the score One day, I will keep the score Adriana

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