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Trauma-Responsive New Zealand

October 2020

A Better Normal Community Discussion - Reimagining Health Care

In a conversational style, join physician Drew Factor who will speak with Dr. Tracy Gaudet, Liza Guroff and An é Watts in a discussion entitled "Reimagining Health Care". Dr. Gaudet will speak about her experience engaging in transformational change at the Veterans Administration and how this has shaped the development of her own Functional Medicine Institute, while Ms. Guroff and Ms. Watts will speak about their knowledge of a Trauma-Informed Approach both at a systems (National Council for...


All those interested in promoting the importance of play, be aware of this new release ~ PLAYING FOR KEEPS from KPJR, makers of THE BIG PICTURE ~ RETHINKING DYSLEXIA, PAPER TIGERS, RESILIENCE

The Regulated Teacher ~ Emily Read Daniels

This would help NZ teachers An important resource for all NZ teachers with the increase in teacher stress and increase in challenging behaviour. Self-regulation has to be learned When the teacher knows how to self- regulate they then have the capacity to teach and model to our children how to self-regulate The Regulated Classroom: "Bottom-Up" Trauma-Informed Teaching was developed by Emily Read Daniels after her 20 years of helping staff and students learn to cope and self-regulate. The...

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