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The Empowered Parent: A Child Sexual Abuse Prevention & Response Program


The Empowered Parent: A Child Sexual Abuse Prevention & Response Program
Join Toby Stark & Rachel Grant for this LIVE training and let us help you turn your intention into prevention!
Save $100 Now!
(Prices go up October 21st)
Do you worry if it’s really possible to protect your child from sexual abuse?

Are you hyper-vigilant and aren’t sure how to strike a healthy balance between protection and freedom?

Are you trying to figure out how to implement child protective factors without making people feel like you are accusing them?

Do you know what you’d say if your child ever disclosed abuse to you? Would you know what to do?

Are you worried about how to talk to your children about body safety without scaring them?
If so, then you are in the right place!
We have developed this program with you in mind.

We know the pain, fear and confusion (not to mention shame and stigma) that exist when it comes to having meaningful conversations about HOW TO PREVENT CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE.
This 4-hour interactive training is for parents, guardians and caregivers
of children from infants to high schoolers. You will learn skills to protect your children of all ages.
An immersive live experience for parents, grandparents, caregivers. Led by, not one but TWO, nationally recognized coaches guiding you through an interactive, research-informed, safe training in which you will learn the…

3 Pillars of Being an

Empowered Parent


It is a one-of-a-kind experience for anyone who is ready to be INFORMED and EMPOWERED and part of a like-minded and supportive COMMUNITY committed to taking practical steps to MINIMIZE THE RISK OF ABUSE for the young ones you care about.
Save $100 Now!
(Prices go up October 21st)

1 in 10 children are sexually abused by their 18th birthday, and
90% of those children are abused by someone they know, love or trust.

We can never protect our children if we are too uncomfortable to have these conversations. This training will help you break through the discomfort and fear, so you can take away a perpetrator's most powerful weapon...silence.
What people have to say about our Child Sexual Abuse Prevention & Response Training!
"During our session, Toby created a safe-open space for me to talk about prevention. I didn’t know how to bring child sexual abuse prevention into my family, but after working with Toby I feel confident and prepared. I felt confident and equipped with the words to express myself in a way that would be understood. I have now gifted three sessions to parents that I know because of how important and impactful my experience was. I highly recommend working with Toby!"   Amanda
“During our community training with over 100 participants, Toby was thoughtful and engaging with the whole audience. This was impressive, considering the topic! I whole-heartedly recommend Toby as a trainer and expert in the child protection field. She has been an asset to our success!”  Jenna Cooper, Emergency Response Coordinator, Valley of the Sun YMCA
Transformations like this await you inside The Empowered Parent program!

Save $100 Now!
(Prices go up October 21st)

When you complete this training, you will know...

How to make child PROTECTIVE measures a part of your everyday life

How to recognize the WARNING SIGNS of possible abuse

The practical and simple things you can do to MINIMIZE THE RISK OF ABUSE

What QUESTIONS to ask the youth serving organizations

How to RESPOND to a disclosure, discovery or suspicion of abuse
You also get these amazing BONUSES:
My Steps to Prevention" workbook

A full week of free access to the training for reminders and refreshers

15-minute bonus personal prevention session with Toby
Will you join us in our vision of a world where adults own their power to eliminate child sexual abuse so children are free from harm, trauma and shame?

Sign up today and save $100!
(Prices go up October 21st)
You will have the confidence to be the Empowered Parent your child needs you to be.

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