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EmbraceRace Early Childhood Summit 2022 []

Register to join us on
Saturday, December 3, 2022
noon to 4 pm ET
Con traducción en vivo y en español (lea más abajo)

We're excited to bring you this first for EmbraceRace, a half-day event focusing on racial learning in early childhood! We hope you join us!

Our guests will all speak to this year's theme, Defending and Celebrating Early Racial Learning. This free event will inspire and suggest ways forward for caregivers, parents and educators to advocate for honest teaching and learning about race, racism, and equity in schools. Our guests will provide ideas and insight into the coalition-building and advocacy strategies needed to counter efforts to shut down these conversations.

Register to join!

The event will run from 9am-1pm Pacific Time (12pm-4pm Eastern Time) with short breaks built in. Time will be reserved following speaker and panel discussions for participants to reflect, connect, and set intentions in light of what is shared by presenters and panelists. This virtual convening is free and open to all! Register now!

We will continue to add Summit information to our website as we get it. Check there for updates.

Escuche la traducción en español en vivo
Listen live to access the simultaneous Spanish translation

Ahora ofrecemos traducción en vivo y en Español, que estára disponible para todos los que se conecten en Zoom Live. Si desea más información sobre nuestros traductores de Bancha Lenguas, y / o escuchar cómo acceder a la traducción, acompáñenos al comienzo de la reunión. ¡Registrate para participar!

We now offer live translation in Spanish, which is available to all who join the Zoom live. If you want to learn more about our translators, Bancha Lenguas, and/or hear how to access the translation, join us at the start of the Summit.


  • Dennis Chin, Vice President, Narratives, Arts and Culture at Race Forward
  • Nadia Jaboneta, Program Coordinator and Classroom Teacher at Pacific Primary
  • Trisha Moquino, Co-Founder, Keres Children’s Learning Center
  • Dr. Nicol Russell, EmbraceRace Color-Brave Community Facilitator and Vice President of Implementation Research at Teaching Strategies, LLC


  • Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh, Nebraska State Senator (D-Omaha)
  • Sen. Stephanie Chang, Michigan State Senator (D-Detroit)
  • Anastasia Ordonez, Public Education Leadership Project Director, Race Forward and former Amherst School Committee chair (MA)

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